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36 Things You Might Not Know About Cats

Jason English

Amazing facts for the cat lovers out there.

The Missing Links: Saturday Morning Beatles

Colin Patrick

11 Beautiful Black Chickens

Miss Cellania

The Stories Behind 10 Johnny Cash Songs

Stacy Conradt

Here's what the Man in Black was singing about.

Beautiful Bowling Balls Dance in Waves

Chris Higgins

How Rainbow Rowell Went From Newspaper Reporter to Superstar Novelist

the mag Jen Doll

A friend asked me, “What are you writing for yourself?” I realized I’d never written anything just for myself.

Why Are Baseball Seasons 162 Games Long?

Hannah Keyser

This week, Major League Baseball released the schedule for the 2015 season.

7 Predictions for the Home Entertainment Experience of 2024

Alvin Ward

5 Questions: Spanish Numerals

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A Levitating Toy Train

Chris Higgins

Sins, Dwarfs, and Spice Girls

Michael Jackson Singles

Bill and Ted History

Big 4 Teams by Number of Letters

Meals For Hobbits