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What Was That Used For? 9 Peculiar Artifacts of Yesteryear

Therese Oneill

Some of these objects do have modern counterparts. Most serve needs we no longer have.

The Missing Links: People Want to Look Like Pirates

Colin Patrick

Rules Shmules: 5 Phonetic Pitfalls of Shm- Reduplication

Arika Okrent

By adding shm- to words, you can be simultaneously grumpy and cute. But there are some words that cause confusion about how the shm- should best be attached.

What Our Views Would Look Like If The Earth Had Rings

Jill Harness

Make Your Own "Useless Machine"

Chris Higgins

10 Movies With Mind-Boggling Miniature Effects

Erik Sofge

The use of miniatures in these films is so subtle that we’re still kicking ourselves for believing that cars can fly, and that cities were harmed in the making of these movies.

How Untangling Headphones Could Stop Epidemics

Judy Dutton

Why Do People Blush?

Caisey Robertson

Blushing is an involuntary reaction that seems to serve no purpose beyond making an embarrassing situation even worse.

8 Ebooks to Feed Your Brain This Summer

Sponsored Post

Summer reading is most often associated with racy romances and white-knuckle thrillers. But why not spend those extra hours of daylight flexing your mental muscles instead?

The Late Movies: Peacock Mantis Shrimpalooza

Erin McCarthy

8 Drugs that Exist in Nature

The Week

Aspirin comes from willow bark. Heroin is made from poppy buds. And more!

The Missing Links: Good Cop, Bad Cop

Colin Patrick

5 Famous Books That Were Originally Self-Published

Clay Wirestone

Some of the greatest creators of all time have ponied up their own cash to see their works in print.

The Fish That Ate Japan

Ethan Trex

Hello Kitty and Godzilla aren’t the only unassuming critters to brutally conquer the Land of the Rising Sun.

10 Impressive Tattoo Cover Ups

Jill Harness

Those with tattoos they no longer want have a few options—lasering them off, trying “removal” creams that tend to only lighten the ink, or covering them with another tattoo.