6 Perfectly Arranged Facts About Martha Stewart

Ethan Trex

On the occasion of her 74th birthday, here are a few things you might not know about the domestic diva.

Why Do All Memes Use the Same Typeface?

Shaunacy Ferro

Impact was once distributed as part of Microsoft's core selection of web fonts.

That Time When Victorians Contracted Fern Fever

Erin Blakemore

Pteridomania was a fearsome ailment. Symptoms caused women to swoon, fall off of cliffs and entire species to fall into endangered status.

Google Street View Cars Are Collecting Pollution Data

Shaunacy Ferro

The company has completed a pilot of a car-based sensor system in Denver and is moving on to San Francisco.

15 Punchy Facts About ‘Raging Bull’

Eric D Snider

Martin Scorsese’s gloriously gritty boxing film fought its way into theaters 35 years ago.

Chimps Eat Clay In Order to "Detox"

Hannah Keyser

This behavior could shed light on the origins of a troubling disorder known as pica.

Explore Google's Interactive Periodic Table

Caitlin Schneider

See how the elements in your body compare to those of the sun, the earth's crust, and the sea.

Take Sample Questions From the U.S. Citizenship Test

Take the quiz!

The Secret History of Underoos

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How inventor Larry Weiss gambled his future on underwear that was fun to wear.

11 Fluffy Facts About the Bichon Frise

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Get to know the dog under all that white fluff.

The Missing Links: Logo Facts and Hidden Meanings

Colin Patrick

Office Buildings Are Scientifically Too Cold For Women

Shaunacy Ferro

Offices are too cold for everyone, and that’s wasting precious energy.

The Time Herbert Hoover’s Parents Mistook Him for Dead

Mark Mancini

If not for a doctor uncle, Herbert Hoover might not have lived past age 2.

How to Appreciate (And Understand) Shakespeare’s Genius

10 Facts About ‘The Call of the Wild’

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