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Weekend Links: Mr. Rogers Learns Some Moves

Roma Panganiban

Be Inspired, or Distracted, By This Unconventional Office

Jill Harness

If you are the head of a company and you want to infuse creativity into your employees, you can always try making your office into a creative environment that will inspire imagination.

Human-Powered Helicopter Wins Sikorsky Prize

Chris Higgins

Weekend Links: Umbrellas Over Portugal

Roma Panganiban

The Late Movies: Rolling Stones Anniversary

Erica Palan

5 Failed Candidates for the 51st State

The Week

If you don't like what's going on in your state, you can't just form your own

11 People Who Almost Played The Doctor

Roma Panganiban

While it’s hard to imagine anyone else in Tom Baker’s striped scarf or David Tennant’s classic Converses, casting decisions could have gone very differently.

The Missing Links: They Own These Moves

Colin Patrick

Death By Swallowing: 11 People Who Died After Eating Something Weird

Stacy Conradt

President Zachary Taylor died after eating iced milk and cherries. He's hardly the first person—or the last—to meet his or her demise from eating or swallowing something suspicious.

The History of CTRL + ALT + DELETE

the mag

ctrl+alt+delete started as a trade secret. Then it became an icon.

World War I Centennial: Italy Warns Austria-Hungary Not to Attack Serbia

Erik Sass

With the centennial of the outbreak of hostilities coming up in 2014, Erik Sass will be looking back at the lead-up to the war, when seemingly minor moments of friction accumulated until the situation

This Week Let's Try Something Different

Jason English

10 Movies to Watch if You Loved Sharknado

Stacy Conradt

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

22 Odd Ads From National Geographic Magazine in the 1910s

Lucas Reilly

If you think the products advertised today are dangerous or wacky, check out what National Geographic was peddling in the 1910s.