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7 Dangerous-But-Fun Vacations

the mag

Relaxing on a beach not for you? Try these more adventurous spots instead.

11 Highly Specific Podcasts

Hannah Keyser

Even if you're not a fan of sports or popular culture, there's probably a podcast out there that's right up your alley.

The Missing Links: Father's Day Cards We Really Need

Colin Patrick

6 TV Shows That Flopped Despite Having a Super Bowl Lead-In

Nick Greene

19 Stars Who Appeared On '21 Jump Street'

Jennifer M Wood

Johnny Depp isn’t the only actor the ’80s teen crime show turned into a star

Middle Initials Make You Seem Smarter

Meghan Holohan

George R.R. Martin sure seems smart.

25 Delicious Facts About Lobsters

Erin McCarthy

We cracked open America's favorite crustacean to plate the delicious facts hiding inside. Bob Bayer, head of the University of Maine’s Lobster Institute, helped us out.

Why Did We Invent Pants?

Jessica Hullinger

These days, pants are our garment of choice. But for years, our ancestors draped themselves in tunics, robes, and gowns, until someone decided they were tired of having the wind up their skirt.

A Paralyzed Person Will Kick Off the World Cup

Hannah Keyser

The opening ceremonies will feature an incredible display of neuroscience.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

5 Questions: Dodge Cars II

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11 Early Performances From Famous Female Comics

Colin Patrick

Take a few minutes to laugh today with these early performances from 11 of the most notable female comics around.

11 Modern Retellings of Classic Novels

Kate Erbland

11 Facebook Status Updates Gone Horribly Wrong

Adrienne Crezo

Sometimes Facebook status updates are a little more interesting. And by “interesting,” we mean “criminal.”

The Missing Links: Ideas That Google Owns

Colin Patrick