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Become Best Bros With Your Crosswalk Pole With "Walkbump"

Rebecca OConnell


People Who Suffer From Incontinence Now Have Sexy Underwear

Shaunacy Ferro

Confitex lingerie is aimed at the millions of people in the world who can’t always hold it in.

13 Close-Up Facts About ‘Sunset Boulevard’

Eric D Snider

At 65 years old, Hollywood's cruelly accurate depiction of itself is no has-been.

How Every School in the Preseason Top 25 Got Its Nickname

Scott Allen

Here's a little history for your next tailgate party.

Meet the Georgia Tech Graduate Who Never Existed

Caitlin Schneider

William Edgar Smith earned himself an extraneous college degree for committing (admirably) to a joke.

Watch a Knife Be Forged From a Meteorite

Caitlin Schneider

"(It's) like baking a cake," says Bob Kramer. "Only the temperature is 1500 degrees Fahrenheit."

Save Face With These 14 Facts About Sephora

Sarah Grossbart

#5: If you don't walk out with at least three free samples, you're doing it wrong.

The Missing Links: Crazy Old-Timey Inventions

Colin Patrick

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

The past week's strangest news stories.

Artificial Intelligence Is Learning to Write 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Stories

Michele Debczak

The future is now, people.

Hummingbirds Use Hawks as Bodyguards for Their Nests

Michele Debczak

The smallest member of the bird kingdom looks to another species for protection.

Pod City: 14 Podcasts Your Kids Will Like (And Won’t Drive You Nuts)

Whitney Matheson

This week I round up a few podcasts that entertain the kids without grating on our nerves.

Watch These Puppies Play with the New BB-8 Toy

Jake Rossen

What will these furry creatures do when confronted with something equally adorable?

Elaborate Ottoman Hats From the 19th Century Were the Height of Fashion

Shaunacy Ferro

Also, totally worthy of your "fall fashion" Pinterest board.

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