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DNA Evidence Casts Doubt on Richard III's Claim to the Throne

Abbey Stone

But that was almost definitely his body they found under that parking lot.

7 Obscure Literary Devices

Jake Rossen

Gossip From a Declassified 1955 CIA Spy Report Of a Soviet Cocktail Party

Nick Greene

One-Word Movies (A-Z)

Why Does the Scent of Blood Attract Carnivores?

Matt Soniak

"Sybil" and the History of Multiple Personality Disorder

Chris Higgins

11 Innovative Gifts for World Travelers

12 Animals Named After The Noises They Make

Paul Anthony Jones

Microsoft Is Shutting Down Clip Art

Rebecca OConnell

The World's 100 Highest Paid Athletes

Hannah Keyser

If you haven't seen the Forbes list on which this chart was based, then the name attached to the tallest bar might surprise you.

5 Questions: "Shop" Around

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11 Geeky Recipes from Books, Movies and TV

Mark Mancini

16 Holiday Life Hacks

In this week’s episode, John Green tests a number of holiday-themed life hacks we found on the Internet.

15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About 'Payback'

Sean Hutchinson

Work Study: Boone Smith, Professional Cat Handler

Jen Doll the mag