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Mary Pickford and the First Million-Dollar Film Contract

Stacy Conradt

Her history-making movie deal would earn her nearly $22,000,000 today.

Grave Sightings: Jack Lemmon

Stacy Conradt

The comedy legend's headstone serves as his final marquee.

Chuck Palahniuk Reads from 'Fight Club 4 Kids'

Sonia Weiser

Here's what happens when "The Boy With No Name" decides to start a "Horsing Around Club."

What Did the Original Colonists Sound Like?

Alvin Ward

Craig answers a reader-submitted Big Question about accents in the 18th century.

5 Facts About New York's Elevator Museum

the mag

We talked to Patrick Carrajat, founder and curator of the Elevator Historical Society in Queens, New York, about the ups and downs of his industry.

The Missing Links: Homer and Marge Simpson Address Some Rumors

Colin Patrick

Cafe Density Around the United States

Sonia Weiser

The Island Where Tabasco Peppers Grow

Stacy Conradt

If you love Tabasco and all things spicy, Louisiana's Avery Island is your version of Wonka's chocolate factory.

Winner Takes All: 8 of the Most Dramatic Format Wars

Janet Burns

More than a few of the battles between media platforms over the past century have been downright ruthless.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

Watch an Ocean Storm Rage Inside a Fishbowl

Rebecca OConnell

Artist Pamen Pereira created the illusion of rocky waves crashing inside a fish bowl.

15 Post-Harry Potter Revelations from Pottermore

Erin McCarthy

Since J.K. Rowling launched Pottermore in 2012, she's been steadily revealing secrets of the wizarding world.

Science Explains Why Some Movies Make Millions (While Others Flop)

Shaunacy Ferro

A bankable director is more important than a popular star, a new study finds.

The 13 Most Unexpected McDonald's Locations Around The World

Rudie Obias

A handful of McDonald's locations worldwide eschew the ordinary and give the fast food chain's patrons a whole new dining experience.

The Surreal Artwork of Artificial Intelligence

Caitlin Schneider

Google's image recognition software is able to detect images within images—and create beautiful, trippy art in the process.