11 Snake Myths, Debunked

Mark Mancini

Some snake-related urban legends aren't too far removed from reality. Others are off by a mile.

Watch a Slow-Motion Video of Lightning in Action

Shaunacy Ferro

Well, "slow" is a relative term.

The Proper Way to Eat Hot Dogs, According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council

Hayley Harding

Hot dogs: You're doing it wrong.

A Drug That Mimics the Effects of Exercise Helps Mice Lose Weight

Shaunacy Ferro

The molecule makes cells think they’ve run out of energy, helping obese mice lose weight without actually hitting the treadmill (or hamster wheel, as the case may be).

14 Road-Worthy Facts About 'National Lampoon's Vacation'

Jake Rossen

#2: It was based on a Rand McNally road atlas.

Placebos May Work Even If You Know the Treatment Isn't Real

Shaunacy Ferro

In one new study, subjects who knew they were taking a placebo still reported feeling pain relief.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

Shakespeare’s 'King Lear,' Starring Sheep

Roma Panganiban

11 Mischievous Facts About Bugs Bunny

Shaunacy Ferro

The cartoon character turns 75 years old this week.

The Missing Links: A Kitten and Owlet Make Cute Friends

Colin Patrick

Maps Show How Uneven the Population in America Is By Region

Rebecca OConnell

A handy visualization to help you understand just how empty parts of the U.S. really are.

How a Distracted 11-Year-Old Invented the Popsicle

Stacy Conradt

Cool story.

10 Drowned Towns You Can Visit

Bess Lovejoy

Haunting waterworlds that got in the way of progress.

Get Your Food Cooked by a Volcano

Caitlin Schneider

In Lanzarote, El Diablo restaurant is using geothermal heat from a volcano as a grill.

Surprise! Makeup Ads Are Lying to You

Shaunacy Ferro

Say it ain’t so: Most cosmetics ads contain “outright lies,” according to researchers. So much for that miracle cream.