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See an Ancient Version of "The Odyssey"

Caitlin Schneider

The papyrus fragment with lines from Homer's 'The Odyssey' is dated ca. 285–250 BCE and is a variation of the standard text we read today.

In the Future, Planes Could be Made with Self-Healing Materials

Hannah Keyser

A scratch on the wing may go unnoticed for too long and eventually present a serious problem at the most inopportune time.

It Took Scientists Almost 40 Years to Figure Out What Part of This Animal Is the Head

Shaunacy Ferro

The very weird species Hallucigenia so baffled paleontologists, they couldn't decide which end was the head.

16 Hard Facts About ‘Kickboxer’

Sean Hutchinson

Nok su kow! Nok su kow!

This is What Happens When a Python Tries to Eat a Porcupine

Erin McCarthy

But this meal, the snake's last, was not something as mundane as an impala.

An Ad Campaign Makes 'Ugly' Fruits Beautiful

Sonia Weiser

This French grocery store is doing its part to cut down on food waste—by rebranding less-than-picture-perfect produce.

Experience a Migraine Through Virtual Reality

Sonia Weiser

Excedrin has created a Migraine Simulator, a head-mounted display that uses the Oculus Rift development kit to give users a sense of what a migraine is really like.

7 Things You Might Not Know About Anthony Bourdain

Jennifer M Wood

Everyone’s favorite bad boy chef is turning 59 years old today.

The Missing Links: A Cappella King of Pop

Colin Patrick

Move Over, Comets: Planets Can Have Tails, Too

Shaunacy Ferro

New astronomical observations show that exoplanets can have gas tails, like comets.

The Super Luxe History of Pineapples (and Why They Used to Cost $8000)

Suzanne Raga

Long before you could buy them by the can, pineapples were the most expensive fruit in the game.

12 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice for 19th Century Girls

Sonia Weiser

Physician (and Corn Flakes inventor) John Harvey Kellogg had a lot of thoughts on how 19th century girls could be happy and healthy.

Laughing Helps You Learn, Babies (and Scientists) Say

Jessica Hullinger

Laughter may be good for the soul, but it may also be great for the brain.

Trivia Questions From 15 Different Categories

Abraham Lincoln's Very Bad Blind Date

Caitlin Schneider

As an Illinois state representative, Abraham Lincoln went on a bad blind date that ended up in a very strange and very unexpected place.