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The Missing Links: Free Hot Pockets in Jersey

Colin Patrick

Photography That’s Part of This Nutritious Breakfast Cerealism uses crunchy breakfast treats to create interesting photographic landscapes.

Will There Be a Hurricane Sandy Baby Boom?

Matt Soniak

Last week, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, readers @amyh914, @dauentina and ?@TheRealYadiM all asked if we should expect a spike in birth rates along the East Coat nine months from now—a mini-baby boo

The Jonestown Massacre: The Terrifying Origin of "Drinking the Kool-Aid"

Chris Higgins

Image by Flickr user David Goehring, used under Creative Commons license.The phrase "drink the Kool-Aid" is common in American business and politics.

Brain Game: Who Nose?

Enjoy today's open-ended mentalfloss.com Brain Game Think Thursday challenge.

There Are Only 22 Countries in the World That the British Haven’t Invaded

Matt Soniak

Of the almost 200 current member states (and one observer state) of the United Nations, the British have, at some point in history, invaded and established a military presence in 171 of them.This is w

Morning Cup of Links: The Times, They Are a-Changin'

Andréa Fernandes

Miss Cellania is on vacation, so I’ll be filling in this week.

The Late Movies: 20 Years of Presidential Victory and Concession Speeches

Chris Higgins

Last night, Americans watched as Barack Obama won his second term as president. Watching that speech, I was reminded that we see both victory speeches and concession speeches every four years.

Why Do Nebraska and Maine Split Electoral Votes?

Stacy Conradt

In the majority of the United States, one candidate gets all of the state’s electoral votes.

Is Puerto Rico on the Verge of Becoming the 51st State?

The Week

In the midst of Tuesday's mad rush of election news from all 50 states, one contest was largely lost in the shuffle: Puerto Rico's referendum on statehood, which could potentially make the C

The Missing Links: Pay Up, Will Ferrell

Colin Patrick

Time to Pay the Piper, Will Ferrell A crafty Imgur user has decided to call in his just reward from Will Ferrell, who made a series of lofty promises last week. As a citizen of the net, I think it

Why Are Winter Storms Suddenly Getting Named?

Erin McCarthy

Don’t be surprised if you hear a meteorologist refer to the nor'easter that’s about to hit the East Coast as “Athena.” They’re just following the example of The Weather Channel, which recently an

When Victoria's Secret Rescued the National Guard

Andréa Fernandes

Photo of the 69th Infantry Regiment's armory in New York City by Wikimedia user Dmadeo, edited by user AndreasPraefcke. When SuperStorm Sandy hit New York City last week, the Army National Gua

Understanding the Monty Hall Problem

Chris Higgins

The Monty Hall problem is a logic puzzle named for the host of the gameshow Let's Make a Deal.

Music History #12: "Vagabond Ways"

Bill DeMain

“Vagabond Ways” Written by Marianne Faithfull and David Courts (1999) Performed by Marianne Faithfull The

5 Election Day Superstitions

Adam Raymond

Just like athletes before a big game, politicians and their camps often have superstitions leading up to big elections. 1. Obama Shoots