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Why Have Baby Names Become Increasingly Female-Sounding?

Arika Okrent

The overarching drive in naming practices over time seems not to be toward giving names pre-determined masculine or feminine properties, but toward keeping them different.

John Green Has the #1 Movie in America

Jason English

Huge congrats to our YouTube host John Green, who this week is king of the box office.

7 Freaky Animal Organs That Would Give You Superpowers

Mark Mancini

If fuzzy action movie science worked in real life, becoming a brand-new superhero would—with a little help from the animal kingdom—just be a quick organ transplant away.

How to Build Your Own PC (in 1991)

Chris Higgins

"This is now the Volkswagen of PCs."

5 Questions: Pots and Pans

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21 Things You Might Not Know About 'Gremlins'

Jennifer M Wood

You know the three basic rules, but there’s a lot more you probably don’t know about Joe Dante’s black comedy classic, which is turning 30

Weekend Links: Jenga Cat

Roma Panganiban

Morning Cup of Links: A Felt Corner Store

Rebecca OConnell

The Dog Who Saved the World Cup for England

Ethan Trex

Although England's Geoff Hurst booted four goals to lead the home team to victory, the real hero of the 1966 World Cup was an English pooch named Pickles.

What Car GPS Looked Like in 1994

Chris Higgins

The '95 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight had an optional in-car GPS system—the first of its kind, and way ahead of its time.

25 Things You Should Know About Nirvana

Roger Cormier

Weekend Links: Science Explains Itching

Roma Panganiban

WWI Centennial: Crisis In France Over Military Service Law

Erik Sass

You Can Catch Flies With Honey, But Fake Sweetener Kills Them

Hannah Keyser

The Missing Links: Behind the Scenes at 'The Price is Right'

Colin Patrick