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The Largest Video Game Collection on Earth Sells for $750,000

Nick Greene

Michael Thomasson's collection of over 11,000 games sold at auction for three-quarters of a million dollars to someone using the pseudonym "peeps_10091970."

29 Weird Museums Preserving Our History

Jason English

From burnt food to PEZ memorabilia, there's a museum for everything. Start planning your summer roadtrip immediately.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

This week's comics includes Witzend, The Wicked + The Divine, a new webcomic from Emily Carroll and the history of photobooths

10 Dangerous Ways to Amuse Yourself from an 1820 Book

Erin McCarthy

The second edition of Endless Amusement, published in 1820, promises “nearly 400 entertaining experiments in various branches of science.”

Brain Game: A Good Inning

Sandy Wood

Morning Cup of Links: Crazy World Cup Fans

Miss Cellania

Where Does Teatime Come From?

Clair McLafferty


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7 Scientific Solutions for Annoying Little Problems

the mag

Scientists are working to alleviate those maddening, irritating, altogether obnoxious things that can make your everyday life hell. And not a moment too soon!

The Origins of 6 Odd Canadian Place Names

Miss Cellania

Hyperrealistic Sculptures of Everyday Objects

Rebecca OConnell

9 Internet-Famous Cats Who Were Adopted

Kate Erbland

It's Adopt-a-Cat Month! The Internet’s newest superstar could be waiting for you at the local animal shelter.

15 International Menu Items from American Fast Food Restaurants

Rudie Obias

Would you like a McBeer with your McLobster?

The Missing Links: The Map of Fictional Places

Colin Patrick

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