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The Time Napoleon Was Attacked by Rabbits

Lucas Reilly

History tells us that Napoleon’s most upsetting defeat came at Waterloo. Or it may have occurred eight years earlier, after the French emperor was attacked by a relentless horde of rabbits.

The Late Movies: Educational Animaniacs Songs

Erica Palan

Part of the fun of '90s cartoon Animaniacs was the music. Each episode featured an original score. Some of them were just for fun, but many taught lessons.

Roadside Trivia II

New semi-regular feature!

7 Games People Played in Colonial America

Therese Oneill

The Missing Links: Updating Undertaking

Colin Patrick

4 Changes to English So Subtle We Hardly Notice They're Happening

Arika Okrent

These days, it's possible to spot subtle linguistic changes by analyzing large digital collections of text.

The Mystery of Ann Bassett and Etta Place

Miss Cellania

Quit With the Chaotic Courtesy

Colin Patrick

Roadside Trivia!

6 Actors Who Took Their Roles Off-Screen

Jake Rossen

Not all actors are reluctant to reprise famous performances for smaller audiences. Here are six who inhabited signature roles without film cameras rolling.

Brain Game: Cookie Time

Sandy Wood

Does the "Hand in Warm Water" Trick Really Work?

Matt Soniak

As the kids head off to summer camp, many of them will partake in the timeless tradition of trying to get their friends to pee themselves by slipping their hand into some warm water.

"Breakfast on Mars," the Book Your Middle-Schooler Needs

Chris Higgins

The Late Movies: Covers of "Both Sides Now"

Erin McCarthy

The '60s Batman Theme, Sung by Actual Bats

The Week