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5 Signs Humans Are Still Evolving

Jessica Hullinger

When we think of human evolution, our minds wander back to the thousands of years it took natural selection to produce the modern-day man. But are we still changing as a species, even today?

Dietribes: Nuts for Cashews

Allison Keene

• The cashew is a very unusual nut.

Why Pluto Isn't a Planet (Sorry)

Chris Higgins

Pluto's demotion from "planet" status to "lame Kuiper Belt resident" ahem "dwarf planet"/"planetoid" continues to be the subject of deep nerd rage.

In Defense of the Mosquito: 10 Things to Know About Summer’s Biggest Annoyance

Matt Soniak

Between the itching and the welts and the fears of West Nile, it's easy to forget that mosquitoes are a wonder of evolution, and maybe they don't really get a fair shake from us.

The Most Artistic Bananas You've Ever Seen

Jill Harness

You already know that bananas turn brown when they're bruised, so the concept of banana art being made with nothing more than a push pin makes sense.

Brain Game: Short Spell #13

Today's Wednesday Wordplay challenge at the mentalfloss.com Brain Game asks you to choose between five commonly-misspelled words that end with the letters "ENT." Four are spelled correc

Morning Cup of Links: Just Add Bacon

Miss Cellania

Prom 2012: Expectations Vs. Reality. From the experience of a blogger who went to her own senior prom recently. * Google Thinks You’re Stupid—and Works to Keep You in the Dark.

Humans Aren't The Only Ones Striving to Stay Young

Jill Harness

There are some celebrities that would do just about anything to stay young, but for Sumatran orangutans, the fountain of youth is a little easier to come by — at least for the males.

The Late Movies: Lobsters

Erica Palan

By the time you read this, I will be stuffing my face with lobster rolls in Maine. Pretend you're on vacation with me by checking out these lobster-themed songs.

The Missing Links: Happy 200th Birthday, War of 1812!

Colin Patrick

Go Backstage at 30 Rock The awesome team behind Jimmy Fallon’s blog has put together a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style tour of the show’s production facilities in New York.

The Last Three Books You've Read and Whether You Liked Them

Jason English

Let's get a good summer reading list going.

Now Open: 8 New Thrill Rides at America's Theme Parks

Miss Cellania

Whether it's for a day trip, a getaway weekend, or a full-blown vacation, there's a theme park near you, and many of them have new rides to deliver the biggest thrills yet -if you're in

How to Measure the Universe

Chris Higgins

In this short animated video, Dr.

Brain Game: Four and Done

Some felt that our most recent U.S. president puzzle was a bit on the easy side, but I don't think that'll be a problem today.

Morning Cup of Links: Cotton Candy

Miss Cellania

Welcome to the Multiverse.