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The Late Movies: All About Lady Liberty

Erin McCarthy

Super Badass Pocket Protectors

Jamie Spatola

Welcome to our new series Floss:Handmade, where we showcase creative products we've added to the mental_floss store and the people who make them.

5 Actual Facts About the Science of Dreams

Maggie Ryan Sandford

We hope you'll sleep better knowing a little more about the science of dreams.

7 Animals That Are Better Color-Changers Than Chameleons

Mark Mancini

Chameleons are often described as the “quick-change artists” of the animal kingdom, rapidly altering the shade of their skins to blend into their environment.

14 Cakes Inspired By Scientific Concepts

Jill Harness

From geology to physics, we’ve got all sorts of scientifically inspired confections to satisfy your educated sweet tooth.

Brain Game: Math Square #175

Sandy Wood

The Missing Links: The $293 Million Nap

Colin Patrick

How Does the Man of Steel Shave? Let's Ask Mayim Bialik (Sponsored)

The Periodic Table of The Muppets

Meg Boeni

Finally—a way to map out a family that includes a frog, a pig, a beatnik, an alien, three near-identical chickens, and a "whatever."

Google's Balloon-Powered Internet Project

Chris Higgins

A Brief History of 8 Epic Breakups

Jo Piazza

Inspired by her novel Love Rehab: A Novel in Twelve Steps, Jo Piazza assembled this list of real-life break-ups so heartbreaking, they went down in history.

10 High-Profile TV Pilots That Didn’t Get Picked Up

Rudie Obias

Many pilots have a lot of star power behind them, either in front of or behind the camera. But just because a pilot has some clout to it doesn’t mean it will be picked up for an entire season run.

Can We Determine the Sex of a Dinosaur?

Mark Mancini

How Can Bodies of Water Be Different Colors?

Will McGough

When I saw the Caribbean Sea in person for the first time, my eyes metaphorically popped out of my head.

Why Does Everything Taste Bad After You Brush Your Teeth?

Matt Soniak

If you have no idea why we're pondering that question today, go brush your teeth and chug some orange juice.