18 Clever Bookends to Keep Your Books Standing Tall

Rebecca OConnell

Add some flair to your bookshelf.

Anxiety Makes People Clean Obsessively

Shaunacy Ferro

In a study based in the Czech Republic, people who were anxious about making a speech cleaned more thoroughly than their relaxed peers.

This Dog Is Helping a Baby Takin Get Ready to Join His Herd

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Blakely the dog helps socialize baby animals at the Cincinnati Zoo, including Dale, the one-month-old takin.

Science Vindicates Middle School Nerds, Says Cool Kids Don’t Turn Out That Well

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A longitudinal study finds that the 13-year-olds with social cachet lose it by the time they're young adults.

11 Pivotal Technology Plot Points in 'The Net'—20 Years Later

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The 1995 Sandra Bullock film predicted we'd all be using high-speed Internet to get pizza. And kill things.

Jewelry Traps Tiny Worlds in Resin

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German jewelry designer Isabell Kiefhaber creates one-of-a-kind scenes in her resin rings.

Driverless Cars Touted as the Future in this 1971 Video

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Would You Drink Beer Flavored With Live Lobster?

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9 Historic (and Fascinating) New Orleans Bars

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Laissez les bon temps rouler.

The Missing Links: Pee-wee's Big Anniversary

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How to Appreciate Modern Art Like a Pro

A Smaller Staircase Just for Dogs

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Stairs have long been a nemesis and hated obstacle for tiny dogs.

The Murphy Behind Murphy's Law

Stacy Conradt

Musical Preferences Can Predict How Empathetic You Are

Shaunacy Ferro

More empathetic individuals are more likely to enjoy soft rock, a new study finds.

Works of Art Recreated in Oreo Filling

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