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11 Niche Blogs to Start Your Summer

Miss Cellania

There are Giant Clouds of Alcohol Floating in Space

Lucas Reilly

Go home, universe. You're drunk.

The Night Sky: 6 Hours of Stars

Chris Higgins

We've Got Some Antimatter to Sell You

The Not-So-Glamorous Early Jobs of 23 Famous People

Ethan Trex

Lots of wildly successful celebrities have had some strange jobs before hitting it big.

18 Fan Art Tributes to Tony Soprano

Jill Harness

How Do Whales Hold Their Breath for Such a Long Time?

The Week

It's not only because they have huge lungs.

A.J. Jacobs Can Solve All Your Modern Problems

AJ Jacobs

Modern life is filled with annoyances and hurt, but compared to yesteryear, most of us live in an earthly paradise.

R.I.P., Slim Whitman

Chris Higgins

5 Books That Probably Won't Be Adapted into Movies

Erik van Rheenen

Not all authors are quick to hand over their movie rights to film producers.

9 Awards You Don't Want to Win

Stacy Conradt

Surprisingly, there are a lot of awards out there that you don’t want your name attached to.

The Missing Links: Refusing A Windfall

Colin Patrick

Death! 41 Historic Demises

Erin McCarthy

From falling down a chimney to being stabbed while using the toilet, John Green takes us through 41 unfortunate historic deaths in this week's video.

Music History #25: "Calypso"

Bill DeMain

Wednesday is New Comics Day

Rich Barrett