A Light Powered by Salt Water

Rebecca OConnell

Rural communities in the Philippines will no longer have to depend on kerosene and candles to illuminate their homes at night.

An Interactive Guide to Literary Road Trips Across America

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Check out a map that tracks 12 classic America books featuring road trips across the country.

5 Questions: Mick Jagger

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Backwards navigation:Forbidden

The Subtle Genius of Minionese

Arika Okrent

The One Disney Song That's Copyright Free

Mental Floss UK

Arguably Disney's most-performed song earns the company not a single penny.

John and Abigail Adams: America's First Power Couple

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The Adamses set the tone for generations of American political celebrity pairs to come.

25 Things You Should Know About New York City

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There's more to the Big Apple than Central Park and Lady Liberty.

25 Lost Cities

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John Green lifts the veil on some of antiquity's greatest—and most mysterious—civilizations.

7 Lesser-Known Members of the Batman Family

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Everyone knows Robin, Alfred, and Commissioner Gordon, but these 7 Batman allies are a little less familiar to the average Bat-fan.

Playing Tic-Tac-Toe With a 1966 Computer

Chris Higgins

"The only winning move is not to play."

The Mystery Of The Missing Purple Martins

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An adventure to find a flock of Purple Martin songbirds.

12 Head-Scratching Terms Heard on Film Sets

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Want to be a Hollywood insider? Then you’d better know the industry jargon.

Why Engagement Rings Are Made With Diamonds

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You can thank a De Beers marketing campaign that started in the 1930s.

This Weekend in History

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Dylan goes electric, nuclear bombs explode underwater, the first IVF baby is born....

9 Great Wedding Venues For Science Lovers

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For the more scientifically minded, a reception in a museum or zoo might be just the thing.