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6 Unconventional Uses for the Tennis Ball

Jessica Bloustein Marshall

The golden years of tennis balls can be filled with purpose.

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Jason English

The Wedding Photobombing Tiger

Jill Harness

12 More Weird Books That Really Exist

Roma Panganiban

We’ve already looked at a few prime examples of bizarre books on every subject from dating on a dollar budget to styling it up like Liberace, but the strangeness doesn’t stop there.

What Exactly Is the Heat Index?

Ethan Trex

Is it really not the heat, but the humidity? With temperatures spiking around the country, we thought it was a good time to answer some questions about the heat index.

We Were on The Today Show!

Jason English

Alone in the Wilderness

Chris Higgins

Weekend Links: Don’t Get Hit By Lightning

Roma Panganiban

The Late Movies: Vintage SPAM

Erica Palan

The Missing Links: The Parkour POV

Colin Patrick

Modern Problems: "The jacket-and-tie requirement at my job is a pain in the neck. Help!"

AJ Jacobs

Dear A.J., I just switched to a corporate gig, and the jacket-and-tie requirement is a pain in the neck (pun intended). Should I convince my bosses to adopt Casual Mondays-through-Thursdays?

Brain Game: Nine and Back

Sandy Wood

How 5 Lottery Winners Paid It Forward

Amanda Green

These lottery winners found their fortune when they gave their money away.

Why Our Calendars Skipped 11 Days in 1752

Chris Stokel-Walker

Six and a half million Britons went to bed on September 2, 1752, and woke up on September 14. The reason? The Calendar (New Style) Act of 1750, of course.

Why You Shouldn't Leave Your Dog in the Car

Chris Higgins

To show you just how hot it gets, Dr. Ernie Ward closes himself into a parked car for 30 minutes. He even cracks all the windows.