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17 Canadian World Heritage Sites

Virginia C McGuire

There are currently 981 sites on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, and 17 of them are in Canada. Here's a little bit more about them.

Weekend Links: Scenes from Egypt

Roma Panganiban

10 Fun Things to Do in Montreal

Erin McCarthy

In May, I took a trip over the border to visit our neighbors up north in Montreal, where the people are bilingual and every Starbucks is "Cafe Starbucks." Here are a few things I did—and you

16 Fun Pieces of Canadian TV Fan Art

Jill Harness

Here are some fantastic fan art pieces from a few of the country’s most popular TV exports.

20 Canadian Nobel Laureates

Virginia C McGuire

Although many of Canada's Nobel Prize laureates spent the bulk of their career elsewhere, we've complied a list of people with a strong connection to Canada who were awarded Nobel prizes in

Pastagate: How Pasta Fooled the Québécois Language Police

Sean Hutchinson

Welcome to Canada Day (and a Half)!

Jason English

We love our friends in the Great White North so much, we're starting our Canada Day celebration 12 hours early.

Why Do Canadian Contestants Have to Answer a Skill-Testing Question?

Kara Kovalchik

Why do those living above the 49th parallel have to jump through hoops to win a prize?

14 Wonderful Vintage Canadian Propaganda Posters

Jill Harness

In honor of the Canadian men and women who bravely served during WWI, here are 14 fantastic wartime propaganda posters.

Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing mentalfloss.com all week, here's what you missed.

What's in Your Cup of Coffee?

Chris Higgins

Weekend Links: Pixar’s Emotional Manipulation

Roma Panganiban

The Hero's Journey, Puppet-Style

Chris Higgins

10 Body Parts You Could Do Without

Judy Dutton

Looking to shed some pounds? You can start by losing that spare rib!

The Late Movies: Celebrating Gilda

Erica Palan