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26 Famous Art Heists

Jennifer M Wood

Special guest host Akilah talks about some of the most interesting heists in art history.

The Missing Links: The 'Shawshank' Money Machine

Colin Patrick

Sweet Honeysuckles

Miss Cellania

11 Workout Tips from Ancient Civilizations

Mark Mancini

Whether you were hoping to drop a few pounds or build that summer six-pack, the ancient world was loaded with helpful pointers about getting in shape.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

17 Scenes From the Polar Bear Capital of the World

Robin Esrock

Polar bears can be ruthless killers, but in this Canadian town they live among humans.

How Do Tornadoes Form?

Sarah Fecht

The science of twisters

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Nailing Bike Thieves in San Francisco

Chris Higgins

10 Musicians and the Fashion Trends They Made Popular

Brooks Hays

Although many hit-makers seem to enjoy the services of not just a single stylist, but an entire imaging department, there have been many rock-n-rollers, soul singers, blues guitarists, rappers, and ev

8 Insanely Lucky Flea Market Finds

the mag

More often than not, one person's garbage is also another person's garbage. These are the exceptions to the rule.

Where Are They Now? Diseases That Killed You in Oregon Trail

Laura Turner Garrison

You have died of dysentery.

The Missing Links: The Worst Waiter of All Time

Colin Patrick

New Dates Added for Our Trivia Show!

Jason English

The mental_floss Trivia Show is coming to New York, Chicago, and San Francisco!

38 Bleak Photos of Abandoned Shopping Malls

Rebecca OConnell

What was once one of America's biggest malls is being overtaken by nature.