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11 Awesome Candies That You’ll Probably Never Eat Again

Jennifer M Wood

Sugar nor spice could keep these long-lost candies on shelves forever.

The Missing Links: NSA Storybooks

Colin Patrick

11 Poets Who Wrote Dirty Verse

Sean Hutchinson

Think poets are just stodgy writers who sit at their desks penning boring poems? Think again. Here are eleven poets who sometimes showed their more bawdy side.

11 Native American Names for Modern U.S. Cities

Mark Mancini

11 Strange Publicity Stunts by Major Food Brands

Shanna Yehlen

Celebrities have always loved doing crazy things for press—but these days, even corporations will go to extreme lengths to get the word out about their products.

11 Vintage Celebrity PSAs

Erin McCarthy

They don't make PSAs like they used to.

11 Wacky "Laws" Named for People

Chris Higgins

We celebrate the 11th day of every month by publishing a bunch of '11 lists.' Chris Higgins rounded up 11 big ideas and the people they're named for.

A Poetry Contest for Our Owner's Poetry Tour

11 Reasons Florida Is Stranger Than You Ever Knew

Laura Steadham Smith

Florida is often the subject of strange and surprising news headlines, and for good reason.

11 Weird Books That Really Exist

Roma Panganiban

AbeBooks collects the best and strangest titles in its Weird Book Room. Here are some of our favorites.

John Oliver's First Night Hosting The Daily Show

The Week

11 Awesome NERF Facts—Plus, a Contest!

Erin McCarthy

Whether you were playing with your friends or gleefully terrorizing your siblings, few things brought as much joy growing up as NERF’s wide array of toys.

Morning Cup of Links: Louis C.K.'s Toilet Art

Brian Abrams

11 Products You Might Not Realize Were Made by Prisoners

Lucas Reilly

Prisoners make millions of license plates each year. But what else do they make for us?

11 Geeky Bras

Jill Harness