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How Steven Spielberg's Malfunctioning Sharks Transformed the Movie Business

Bill DeMain

Before Steven Spielberg became Hollywood royalty, he was just another young director with a giant shark problem.

Look West Tonight! Venus and Jupiter Are in the Process of "Converging"

Jessica Hullinger

They're gliding across the sky towards each other all month long.

Solving the Math Problem in 'Good Will Hunting'

Chris Higgins

What was the problem, and was it as hard as the movie made it out to be?

A History of McDonald's Hip-Hop TV Ads: mcdonalds.hiphop

Chris Higgins

Rapping McNugget MCs, breakdancing Ronald, and tons more.

If You Can't Smoke On Planes, Why Are There Still Ashtrays?

Simon Brew

By law, even new planes have to have ashtrays. But why, if smoking has been banned in the air for over a decade?

This Weekend in History

Chris Higgins

The Red Telephone, the first Ferris wheel, and Fermat's Last Theorem was solved (mostly).

Double-Jointedness Is Linked to Anxiety

Sonia Weiser

Extreme flexibility has its downsides.

10 Facts About Hadrosaurus

Mark Mancini

Everything you need to know about New Jersey's official state dinosaur.

Watch the Sunrises and Sunsets of Instagram

Caitlin Schneider

A grad student at NYU has figured out a way to make all those sunset photos even more beautiful.

The Houses Famous Directors Would Design If They Were Architects

Hannah Keyser

6 Mysteries Surrounding Virgil's Life and Work

Suzanne Raga

Nearly 2,000 years after Virgil wrote "The Aeneid," even the most basic facts about the author are still a source of controversy.

'Inside Out' is Already Part of 'The Pixar Theory'

Chris Higgins

The latest Pixar film fits right into one man's mega-complex 2013 fan theory. Here's how.

How 'Jane Fonda's Workout' Conquered the World

Jake Rossen

In the '80s, everyone owned a pair of leg warmers. This is why.

Let These Listless Jellyfish Lull You Into the Weekend

Hannah Keyser

The ocean contains an endless array of amazing animal beauty.

10 Things You Might Not Know About ‘The Blue Lagoon’

Kate Erbland

The slightly salacious island-set romance that capitalized on burgeoning hormones is turning 35 years old.