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See the Oldest Depiction of the Universe in Human History

Caitlin Schneider

Discovered in 1999, the Nebra sky disk is the oldest-known graphic of the universe in human history.

Maps of Current U.S. Census Data in 19th Century Style

Shaunacy Ferro

Statistician Nathan Yau makes his own 'Statistical Atlas of the United States.'

Museum Sexually Confuses Its Moths to Stop Them From Eating the Collection

Sonia Weiser

9 Major Awards Whose Owners Sold Them Off For Cold Hard Cash

Shaunacy Ferro

Oscars and NBA championship rings can fetch high prices at auction.

You Can Now Buy a Waterproof Book

Sonia Weiser

Now, you no longer have to stop reading when you do the dishes, float on a raft, or gallivant in a fountain.

Gutenberg Bible Pages Up For Auction

Hannah Keyser

Simple Landscaping Tricks Can Make Airports Quieter

Shaunacy Ferro

Plowing fields next to airports can reduce noise.

Synthetic Rhino Horns Could Reduce Poaching

Sonia Weiser

The hope is that these fake horns—produced in a lab using synthetic rhino horn DNA—will put poachers out of business.

Who Really Invented the Ice Cream Soda?

Stacy Conradt

At least four different people claim the fizzy concoction was their idea. Here, we try to determine who's telling the truth—and who's just blowing bubbles.

Stink Bugs Still Terrorize American Homes

Maria Adelmann

Do stink bugs smell like skunks—or cilantro? How can we end the invasion? Do they taste good in a taco? Here are the answers to your most pressing stink bug questions.

10 Pop-Up Books That Are Works of Art

Sonia Weiser

When done well, pop-up books can be engaging, imaginative, and even works of artistic brilliance.

The Best-Selling Vehicle in Each State

Alvin Ward

For 2014.

Answer These 15 General Knowledge Trivia Questions

Today's quiz questions come from 15 different categories. How many can you answer correctly?

The Missing Links: Zookeepers Recreating 'Jurassic World'

Colin Patrick

1950s Advice For Curing a Cold Includes Jazz Radio and a Good Book

Shaunacy Ferro

The 1955 educational film "Sniffles and Sneezes" explores how germs are spread.