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The Missing Links: Refusing A Windfall

Colin Patrick

Death! 41 Historic Demises

Erin McCarthy

From falling down a chimney to being stabbed while using the toilet, John Green takes us through 41 unfortunate historic deaths in this week's video.

Music History #25: "Calypso"

Bill DeMain

Wednesday is New Comics Day

Rich Barrett

California's Seaweed Herbarium

Chris Higgins

13 Screwball Film Industry Slang Terms

Judith B Herman

Having served as a camera operator on over 100 films, Dave Knox knows a thing or two about the wacky slang used by movie industry insiders. Here are a few.

What's the Origin of "Kilroy Was Here"?

Matt Soniak

21 Scenes From Our Trip to the Pizza Museum

Jason English

The Late Movies: Happy Birthday, Franklin Institute!

Erica Palan

6 Superman Movies that Didn't Get Made

The Week

The Post-Hit Careers of 5 One-Hit Wonders

Erik van Rheenen

Here are five one-hit wonders who deserve to be remembered for their five minutes in the limelight—and what they’ve been up to since.

The Missing Links: When Bugs Almost Died

Colin Patrick

7 Jobs Your Inner Child Would Love

Jake Rossen

Growing up often means prioritizing work over fun stuff. Unless, of course, your job involves nothing but fun stuff.

Incredible Colorized Slides of Africa from 1896

Erin McCarthy

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, naturalist and taxidermist Carl Akeley led a series of expeditions to Africa to collect specimens for the Field Museum. Here are a few highlights.

An Animated History of the Tulip

Chris Higgins