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Why You Shouldn't Use Water To Extinguish a Grease Fire

Hannah Keyser

5 Questions: A Dark "Alley"

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The Time Cats Delivered the Mail in Belgium

Stacy Conradt

Get Up to Speed With These 15 Facts About 'Mario Kart'

Janet Burns

9 Cats with Careers

Miss Cellania

Some cats have a particularly useful set of skills that come in handy in the workplace, like public relations, destressing, and pest control.

Kiruna: The Swedish Town That Has to Pick Up and Move Two Miles East

Hannah Keyser

Student-Designed Cane Can Recognize Familiar Faces

Sonia Weiser

Watch an Insanely Beautiful Time-Lapse Video

Hannah Keyser

5 Ways North Korea Is Much Worse Than You Think

David W Brown

Horror stories from someone lucky enough to escape.

How the Wu-Tang Clan Is Helping One Brewer Make Beer

Beth Anne Macaluso

Mutant Bacteria Detects Disease by Changing the Color of Your Urine

Hannah Keyser

Robots Can Perform Brain Surgery on Flies

Shaunacy Ferro

At Stanford, brain surgery is a task that can now be delegated to the robots—at least when it comes to fruit fly research.

7 Unlikely Seagull Enemies

Kate Horowitz

The seagull—scourge of the beach-blanket snacker, parking-lot pest—is nobody's favorite. Birding guides will tell you that seagulls have no natural enemies, which is mostly true.

Scientists Aren't Releasing the Colombian Cocaine Moths Just Yet

Autumn Spanne

Fishy Situation: A Goldfish With a "Wheelchair"

Hayley Harding