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Baboons Are Democratic Travel Partners, Study Finds

Shaunacy Ferro

When deciding where to travel, baboons go with what the group thinks is best.

7 Businesses You Probably Didn’t Know Were Controlled By the Mob

Kelly Bryant

The Missing Links: Awesome Hair Dryer Physics

Colin Patrick

Name the Spaces You Can't Buy in Monopoly

Take the quiz!

This is What A Woman From Tehran 7000 Years Ago Looked Like

Hannah Keyser

Science is constantly getting better at reconstructing what life was like in earlier eras. And now, new 3D imaging technology shows us what our fellow human may have looked like many millennia ago.

88 Amazing Facts Everyone Should Know

Alvin Ward

Store these away for future trivia nights.

1943 Film Explains Cockney Rhyming Slang

Arika Okrent

Cockney rhyming slang is a coded way of speaking where a word or phrase is substituted through another through rhyme.

11 Quirky Facts About the Chinese Crested

Rebecca OConnell

Learn more about one of the dog world's most unusual breeds.

A Giant TV on the Back of Semi Trucks Could Make Passing Safer

Shaunacy Ferro

Trying to see around a semi truck can be impossible on tight roads. Samsung's Safety Truck aims to improve visibility.

Edible Cookie Dough Coming Fresh From the Tub

Sonia Weiser

Cookie dough is delicious, but is that clumpy, sugary, and sticky substance worth the risk of Salmonella?

Finnish Company Wants to Power the Country With Horse Poop

Shaunacy Ferro

Early trials show that horse manure could be a viable biofuel for home heating and electricity.

A Brief History of Traffic Lights

the mag

You likely spend a lot of time whizzing by or stopped at traffic lights. But how much do you know about their history?

Pick Names to Make Words

Study Shows Young Children Know Right from Wrong

Sonia Weiser

Kids as young as three know what it means to do the right thing.

12 Things You May Not Know About 'Mad'

Jake Rossen

Pertintent facts about America's premiere Idiotical.