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8 Other Pro Sports Teams That Changed Their Nicknames

Scott Allen

The Charlotte Bobcats will become the Hornets next season, uniting the Queen City's current NBA team with its old nickname.

The Legend of Zelda Theme Played on Wine Glasses and Beer Bottles

Jason English

If you like the Zelda theme, you'll love it when played on stuff from your kitchen.

Everything You Need to Get Back Into Judge Dredd Comics

Rich Barrett

If your knowledge of Judge Dredd is limited to the campy Stallone movie or a couple of comics you read in the ‘90s, you’ve only scratched the surface of what this sci-fi classic has to offer.

12 Internet Memes You Can Snuggle Up With

Miss Cellania

On This Date: The First Ever U.S. Speeding Violation

Nick Greene

9 Fun Facts About the Schwa

Arika Okrent

What is a schwa anyway? Here are nine things to help you get to know this very important vowel.

The Missing Links: Legendary Tales About Andre the Giant

Colin Patrick

How Fans Followed Baseball Games Before TV or Radio

Hannah Keyser

Goofing Around with 100 Pounds of Magnetic Putty

Chris Higgins

What Causes Sinkholes?

Roma Panganiban

Sinkholes have gulped down suburban homes, cars, and entire fields in the past, but how does the ground just swallow up a building like that?

The Most Selective School in Each State

Jason English

The schools with the lowest acceptance rate, per National Center for Education Statistics data.

15 Old-School 'Sesame Street' Parodies

Jennifer M Wood

David Lynch + Cookie Monster = Parody perfection

The Quest to Save the Whooping Crane

the mag

To save an endangered species, scientists have to play the part.

Such Overshadowing

Jason English

Why Don't Octopuses Get Stuck to Themselves?

Matt Soniak The Week

Life can't be easy for octopuses. Sure, they're universally loved for changing color, opening jars from the inside, and predicting the winners of World Cup games.