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The Cycle of Prosperity

Chris Higgins

7 Cool Tips for Chilling Out This Summer

5 Questions: Types of Powder

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13 Niche Blogs to Fill Your Weekend

Miss Cellania

20 Things You Might Not Know About The X-Men and “Days of Future Past”

Rick Marshall

If the arrival of Days Of Future Past has you thinking more than usual about Marvel's famous mutants, you'll have no shortage of food for thought with this list of 20 things you might not kn

Watch Germans Try to Say the Word “Squirrel”

Arika Okrent

A few years ago, Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson pointed out that the best way to expose a German spy would be to ask them to say the word “squirrel,” because “no German, no matter how well they speak E

6 Plants That Are Masters of Disguise

Jessica Hullinger

These plants transform to trick the untrained eye.

The Most Photographed Places in the World

Jason English

According to Sightsmap.

The Missing Links: The Amazing PancakeBot

Colin Patrick

How Giant Tesla Coils Work

Chris Higgins

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

Thinking Before Eating Makes Food More Enjoyable

Roma Panganiban

It can be hard to resist tearing into a particularly mouthwatering dish of food as soon as it hits the table, but research suggests that it might be best to hold on a second.

The Origins of 12 Horse-Related Idioms

the mag Lucas Reilly

Horses own the winner’s circle in English idioms. But where did these popular phrases originate?

What Is El Niño?

Hannah Keyser

Climate models are predicting that this fall, there's a 75 percent chance that an El Niño will occur. But just what is this weather phenomenon, and how does it affect us?

Morning Cup of Links: ASCII Art is Back

Miss Cellania