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The Proper Names of 17 Bodily Functions

Paul Anthony Jones

The next time you interrupt an important meeting with a ructus or a borborygmus, you’ll at least have the perfect word for it.

Watch This Satisfying Timelapse of Spring Flowers Blooming

Rebecca OConnell

Watch the Super Bowl Commercial Highlights in Stop-Motion LEGO

Hannah Keyser

If you missed Sunday's Super Bowl and all the ads that helped the broadcast draw record-setting viewership, don't worry.

5 Questions: I Like "Spike"

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The ABCs of Bachelorhood, According To An 1897 Guide

Nick Greene

12 Things You Might Not Have Known About Manatees

Erin McCarthy

13 of Your Burning Questions Answered with Flowcharts

Miss Cellania

12 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Street Art

Kelly Bryant

Water Cooler Bottle Rockets

Chris Higgins

A Second Novel From Harper Lee To Be Published This Year

Hannah Keyser

The Strange Effect 9/11 Had on the Whale Population

Dan Lewis

International Hot Sauce Taste Test

Alvin Ward

15 Facts About 'Dune'

Mark Mancini

When Does Freezing Rain Become Sleet?

Nick Greene

Iceland's Last McDonald's Burger Finally Moved From National Museum

Rebecca OConnell