The Missing Links: 'Star Wars' Little Books

Colin Patrick

People Believe Comparisons With ‘More Than,’ Not ‘Less Than’

Shaunacy Ferro

A study finds people are more swayed by sentences like “men generally make more money than women” than “women generally make less money than men.”

Movie Taglines

Can you name the movie based on its tagline?

The People Who Drink Arsenic (But Are Totally Fine)

Suzanne Raga

The villagers of San Antonio de los Cobres drink arsenic-contaminated water—and suffer no ill effects.

For Shelter Dogs, an Embrace Can Save Lives

Alvin Ward

Two hours later, the dogs were adopted.

10 Explosive Facts About the Trinity Nuclear Test

Mark Mancini

Seventy years after the first atomic bomb was detonated in New Mexico, we’re still feeling the political and scientific shockwaves.

Could Horn-Embedded Cameras Help Stop Rhino Poaching?

Hannah Keyser

How an embedded camera, heart-rate monitor, and satellite tracking are working to cut down on rhino poaching.

Very Important Yelp Reviews of International Hooters Locations

Nick Greene

These reviews form a patchwork quilt of the Hooters Global Community, deep fried and smothered in delicious Buffalo sauce.

Pick the Correct Surname for Each Harry Potter Character

Take the quiz!

Artist Creates a Shower Curtain That Evicts You If You Stay In Too Long

Rebecca OConnell

These shower curtains won't let you keep the water running.

15 Things You Should Know About 'Venus de Milo'

Kristy Puchko

There's much more to this iconic statue than a couple of absent appendages.

NASA Releases GIF of Pluto Through the Years

Rebecca OConnell

NASA has released a fantastic 17-slide GIF of pictures of Pluto throughout the years.

Abraham Lincoln Once Pardoned a Doll

Mark Mancini

Honest Abe was many things, but a strict, no-nonsense father wasn't one of them.

Beatrix Potter, Mushroom Expert

Stacy Conradt

The accomplished mycologist made an important discovery about mushrooms—which went ignored because she was a woman.

How to Finally Start Appreciating Opera