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10 Fascinating, Furry Facts About Meerkats

Hannah Keyser

Watch This Mesmerizing Pack Planter Robot Transplant Pansies

Rebecca OConnell

Baseball's First Rules

Hannah Keyser

Inside a Nuclear Plant

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5 Questions: Stan Freberg

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13 Things You May Not Know About ‘The Poisonwood Bible’

Gillian Finklea

Today is acclaimed author Barbara Kingsolver’s 60th birthday. Let’s celebrate by taking a closer look at her most renowned novel.

Test Your Wits with 8 Brainteasers from 'Idiotest': Round 2

How Portland's Neighborhoods Got Their Names

Eric D Snider

5 Things You Might Not Know About Billie Holiday

Jennifer M Wood

The life of the songstress known as “Lady Day” is just as engrossing as her music

12 Overlooked Innovators Who Helped Invent the Modern World

Adam D’Arpino

They're not all household names, but they had immense impacts on how the world functions today.

Pick the Numbers in the Correct Order

Gary Paulsen: Real-Life 'Hatchet'

Stacy Conradt

The Missing Links: Mentally Ill Cartoons

Colin Patrick

Answer These 15 General Knowledge Trivia Questions

Brontosaurus Might Exist After All

Mark Mancini