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3 Hardcore Trees

Julie Winterbottom the mag

Joyce Kilmer said there's nothing as "lovely as a tree." Those weren't these trees.

10 Fascinating Facts About ‘The Empire Strikes Back’

Jennifer M Wood

George Lucas' Empire struck back 35 years ago today.

How Do Hummingbirds Hover in Rain and Wind?

Alvin Ward

Meet This Year’s Top 10 New Species

Megan Thielking

Watch a Bee Reach Adulthood in an Impressive Timelapse Video

Rebecca OConnell

The First Woman to Run for President Was a Clairvoyant Free-Love Advocate

Hannah Keyser

5 Questions: Lettuce Ask the Questions

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11 Smart Snacks to Nosh Before Your Flight

Flying can be exhausting, but the proper fuel goes a long way in keeping you happy, comfortable, and free from the guilt that impulse chocolate bar purchase leaves you with.

Today in History: Lindbergh and Earhart Took Flight

Caitlin Schneider

One Species of Wolf Spider Can Purr to Potential Mates

Shaunacy Ferro

An Earth Flag for When We Claim Other Planets

Shaunacy Ferro

Obama's Plan to Protect the 1500-Mile Flyway Used By Monarch Butterflies

Beth Anne Macaluso

Fairy Penguins Take the Bronx Zoo by Storm

Rebecca OConnell

Where NASA Tests Hardware Bound for Space

Erin McCarthy

10 Famous People Who Were Afraid They'd Be Buried Alive

Bess Lovejoy