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Your Favorite Authors Are Frauds: 6 Famous Ghostwriters

Stacy Conradt

It’s almost like learning the truth about Santa Claus: Once you know, it’s so obvious, but you're still a little heartbroken when you discover that your favorite author didn’t really pen most of

Attention College Scribes Who'd Like to Write for mental_floss...

Jason English

Years ago we had this thing called College Weekend, where we'd turn mentalfloss.com over to our college-going readers on occasional Saturdays and Sundays.

Why Are People Who Cross Picket Lines Called "Scabs"?

Matt Soniak

Last week, readers @amyh914 and @johnjaramillo13 were wondering about the origins of “scab” as an insult for people who cross picket lines.

Dr. Strangelove in Lego

Chris Higgins

So here's a bit of Dr. Strangelove re-done in Lego stop-motion. In these two clips, we enjoy two key scenes from the film.

Brain Game: I Feel Fine

A short and sweet puzzle for today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Wednesday Wordplay challenge.

Morning Cup of Links: Hexaflexagon

Miss Cellania

How To Melt Your Brain With A Single Piece Of Paper. Vi Hart explains the hexaflexagon. * Shark vs. Octopus: now we finally know who wins.

11 Bizarre Old Contraptions That Promised to Improve Your Looks

Adrienne Crezo

1. Nose

The Late Movies: Oscar Monologues

Erica Palan

Yesterday, it was announced that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane will host this year's Academy Awards.

The Missing Links: Internet-Use Disorder

Colin Patrick

Tim Burton GIFs Galore Jack Skellington, Batman, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka, Pee-wee, Ichabod Crane and a slew of other characters from Burton’s iconic catalog, captured in moving

22 Fantastic Vintage Photos of People Taking Naps

Erin McCarthy

Sometimes, you just need a nap—no matter where you

10 Legendary Monsters of Europe

Miss Cellania

There are monsters all around us -or at least the legends of monsters. Last week we saw some of the monsters of Asia. Now here are some of the scariest monsters of Europe. 1.

That is All: John Hodgman's Transcendent Final Audiobook of Complete World Knowledge

Chris Higgins

Today marks the beginning of the end of audiobooks. But don't cry -- there is still time to buy the last audiobook you will need before the coming global superpocalypse.

Understanding Sleep Paralysis

Meghan Holohan

In your dreams, you’re the star of your own movie—and your subconscious often has you performing stunts that would put Tom Cruise to shame.

Was Manhattan Really Bought for $24?

Matt Soniak

One of the most persistent myths in American history is that European explorers really got one over on the Native Americans by purchasing the entire island of Manhattan—where property has averaged $10

Brain Game: Lady in Waiting

A fun presidential event will kick off later this month here at mentalfloss.com; keep your eyes peeled!