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The Great Emu War of 1932

Bryan Dugan

The emu appears prominently on the Australian coat of arms, but at one time, the country wasn't so proud to be home to the largest population of the species.

How Andy Warhol's Amiga Art Was Recovered

Chris Higgins

What Makes Magic Shell So Magic?

Matt Soniak

Reader (and writer) Stacy asks, “What makes Magic Shell so magic?”

A Brief History of Advanced Placement Exams

Abbey Stone

Who started the AP program? How has it changed since the 1950s? And is it effective? Read closely—there will be a quiz.

5 Questions: Cumula "Vista"

Pass rate:75 %
Backwards navigation:Forbidden

Morning Cup of Links: Star Wars Movie Trivia

Miss Cellania

WWI Centennial: Moltke Calls for War Without Delay

Erik Sass

11 Facts About the Megamouth Shark

Erin McCarthy

There's a lot we don't understand about this seldom seen shark, but here are a few things we do know.

11 Ways People Have Cheated Slot Machines

Nick Greene

11 Incredible Bike Mods

Jill Harness

Cyclists love their bikes—and many of them are all too happy to cut them up to create something new and awesome.

11 Alternative Summer Camps for Kids With Specific Interests

Mark Mancini

Beyond kickball.

11 Places to Visit on a Tour of the English Language

Arika Okrent

If linguistic history is your thing, here are some can’t-miss stops.

11 Bizarre Ways Tetris Has Been Played

Chris Higgins

Today's Google Doodle Celebrates Dorothy Hodgkin

Jason English

A few talking points on the Nobel Prize winner.

11 Times Athletes Did Awesome Things

Hannah Keyser

ESPN's headlines often read like a police blotter. But there are lots of heartwarming tales, too.