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These Destroyed-Looking Buildings Are Actually Fine

Jill Harness

Sometimes, architects design structures that are meant to look damaged in some manner or another.

Weekend Links: The Most Identical Twins

Roma Panganiban

The Late Movies: Songs about Moms

Erica Palan

27 Awesome Vintage Photos of Moms

Erin McCarthy

While you celebrate your mom, take a look back at mothers through the ages.

The Great ATM Heist: How Thieves Stole $45 million in a Few Hours

The Week

Police say a group of hackers and street thieves in 27 countries nabbed a fortune without setting foot in a single bank.

15 Failed American Remakes Of Foreign TV Shows

Rudie Obias

While American TV shows like Friends, The Nanny, and Married With Children have been exported to foreign markets, Americans have seen their fair share of poorly adapted remakes of foreign TV shows.

The Missing Links: This Machine Thinks YOU're The One That Stinks

Colin Patrick

What's the Weirdest Thing Your Pet Has Eaten?

Erin McCarthy

10 Other Mother’s Days from Around the World

Laura Turner Garrison

After her mother passed away in 1905, Anna Jarvis resolved to dedicate a day to her mother, and mothers everywhere.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

50 Things That Turn 50 in 2013

Mark Juddery

Here are some people, places, events, and things turning the big 5-0 in 2013.

No Rest for the Wicked: What Becomes of Bad Guys' Bodies?

Matt Soniak

It took more than two weeks after Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed to find a grave for his body.

The Klout Score of 1903: A Statistical Study of Eminent Men

Arika Okrent

How do you measure influence? What is notability?

The Late Movies: Guess The Theme 100

Mark Arminio

8 Drivers Who Blindly Followed Their GPS Into Disaster

The Week

"The machine knows where it's going!"