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11 TV Theme Songs That Tell the Back Story

Amanda Green

TV theme songs are an endangered species, growing shorter and less creative each year. Commercial breaks are longer than they used to be—about eight minutes per half hour of broadcast programming.

11 Unusually Shaped Coins

Jason Plautz

Sure, state quarters and presidential dollar coins may be fun. But for a truly unique coin, you need to think outside the box—or the circle, as it were—and come up with a truly original shape.

11 Patron Saints of Food, Drink, and Those Who Make Them

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

The Missing Links: The Best Email Auto Reply Ever

Colin Patrick

11 Things That Make You a Bad Driver

Kathy Benjamin

You might have passed your driving test with flying colors and never text while driving, but it turns out there are a lot more bizarre things that can affect how dangerous you are on the road.

11 Discontinued Beverages from Your Youth

Jennifer M Wood

Drink up the nostalgia!

15 Songs That Brought People Out of Comas

Stacy Conradt

The power of song!

11 Movies You Might Not Know Were Based On Comic Books

Rick Marshall

Sure, everyone knows Iron Man and Superman were comic-book heroes well before they made the jump to the big screen, but there's no shortage of movies out there with secret origins in the world of

On the 11th Day of Every Month...

Jason English

11 New York City Maps from Mapping Manhattan

Erin McCarthy

In 2007, Becky Cooper became an accidental cartographer on a project that would lead to her book, "Mapping Manhattan: A Love (and Sometimes Hate) Story in Maps by 75 New Yorkers."

11 Names for Alphabetical Antics and Other Word Games

Judith B Herman

What do you call a word that spells another word backwards or a word that looks the same upside down? When terms for these orthographic puzzlers didn’t exist, logolologists were happy to invent some.

11 Geeky Engagement Ring Boxes

Jill Harness

While the most important part of an engagement proposal is the love shared between the couple, the ring is also pretty important, and if you’re going to give someone something that special, you might

11 Baby Naming Trends of the Past

Arika Okrent

The most popular names are always changing, but some of the naming trends have been around for longer than you might expect.

Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

Signature Song keeps Fairy-Wren Moms from Being Fooled

Jill Harness

Talk about "singing for your supper": New research shows that fairy-wren chicks have to sing a specific song to their mother or she will refuse to feed them.