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5 Questions: Craps Lingo

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Why Do Limbs "Fall Asleep"?

Matt Soniak

You sit too long with your legs crossed or lie with your arm under your head, and when you go to move the limb, it's tingling with a "pins and needles" sensation. But why?

Map of Pangea With Current International Borders

Alvin Ward

Let's get the band back together.

What the "Word Crimes" Animator Did Before "Word Crimes"

Chris Higgins

Weekend Links: Astronaut Potato Salad

Roma Panganiban

Amazing Iceberg Collapse Caught on Camera

Alvin Ward

"Run, Rick, go — goooooo!"

Weekend Links: Superheroines

Roma Panganiban

Dana Scully on God and Science

Chris Higgins

Explode a Watermelon Using Only Rubber Bands

Alvin Ward

Here are some science tricks you can do with objects you might have stashed around the house. Like a watermelon and dozens of rubber bands.

What Your Pronunciation of These Words Tells Other People

Rebecca OConnell

Subjects were asked how they pronounce certain words, and what they thought about people who said them differently.

15 Future Stars Who Appeared on MTV’s 'Undressed'

Kate Erbland

Undressed turns 15 years old on July 26. In celebration, here are some future stars who popped up on the seminal show.

8 Surprisingly Fun Games Uncle Sam Told Soldiers to Play in 1943

Therese Oneill The Week

In 1943, the U.S. War Department issued a manual packed with "informal" games that men might play if they were lucky enough to have downtime.

WWI Centennial: Austria-Hungary Rejects Serbia’s Response

Erik Sass

10 Extremely Magnified Photos of Plants

Erin McCarthy

Under a scanning electron microscope, the plants that populate our world look more like alien planets.

Modern Problems: "I hate makeup, but my friend says I should glam up every day."

AJ Jacobs the mag