Morning Cup of Links: Cities on the Edge

Miss Cellania

Rats Can Save Lives by Sniffing Out Land Mines

Rebecca OConnell

Rats are helping to save lives in Cambodia

The Many Fires That Plagued P.T. Barnum

Erin Blakemore

150 years ago, P.T. Barnum's museum of curiosities burned down—over and over again.

World's Oldest Manatee Recognized By Guinness World Records

Hannah Keyser

Snooty's turning 67!

Take a Nostalgia Trip With a Massive '90s Playlist

Caitlin Schneider

A '90s kid has created an 800 track chronological playlist of indie and alternative music from the Gen X decade.

Albert Einstein's "Horrendously Strenuous" First Visit to the U.S.

Jake Rossen

"I had to let myself be shown around like a prize's a miracle I endured it."

17 Creative Resumes Designed to Stand Out

Hannah Keyser Jake Rossen

It's safe to say most people with jobs did not get them by creating toy versions of themselves, but some of these alternative resumes are pretty great:

Birds that Sleep In Get Stuck Raising Others’ Kids

Matt Soniak

Besides catching the proverbial worm, there’s another good reason for birds to get up and going early in the morning: Sleeping in can give their mates an opportunity to step out on them, leaving them

10 of Voltaire's Favorite Bon Mots for Bastille Day

Jared Spears

Celebrate Bastille Day by sprinkling a few of Voltaire's choicest bon mots into your conversations.

Why Do Some Guitarists’ Fingers Smell Like Garlic?

Nancy Dunham

Playing out of key may not be the most embarrassing thing a guitarist has to endure after all.

7 Scientific Instruments 'New Horizons' Uses to Study Pluto

David W Brown

The closest encounter in the historic flyby just happened a few minutes ago. Here are the instruments New Horizons used to capture scientific data.

Super Soakers: When the Dutch Used Floods as Weapons

Matt Soniak

See a Summer's Worth of Fireflies In Under Two Minutes

Hannah Keyser

5 Questions: It's "My" Party

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The Invention of Jaywalking

Emily Becker