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Al Fritz and the Schwinn Sting-Ray

Maureen Monahan

They called it the "Corvette of bicycles": The Schwinn Sting-ray, which revolutionized the industry in the 1960s, was created by Al Fritz, who died on May 7, 2013, of complications from a st

The Late Movies: Guess The Theme 101

Mark Arminio

10 Ambitious Yarn Bombing Projects

Virginia C McGuire

You've probably seen some greying crocheted yarn around a telephone pole, or a tree trunk that looks like it's wearing a giant leg warmer.

10 Facial Reconstructions of Famous Historical Figures

Joy Lanzendorfer

Why look at a painting of a historical figure when you can come face to face with one?

The U.S. Military's Idiotic Idea for a Gay Bomb

Dan Lewis

Dan Lewis runs the popular daily newsletter Now I Know ("Learn Something New Every Day, By Email"). To subscribe to his daily email, click

The Missing Links: 15-Year-Old Creates Free Trivia App

Colin Patrick

Brain Game: Fun with Flags, Episode 3

Sandy Wood

How a Penny Could Make You Rich

Polydactyl Cats: The Charm of Big Feet

Miss Cellania

8 Historically Terrifying Viruses

Jessica Bloustein Marshall

All the hand-sanitizer in the world can’t save us from some of history’s nastiest viruses and the horrifying diseases they cause in humans—and we know you’re just itching to know all about them.

Retrobituaries: Theodore Maiman, Inventor of the Laser

David W Brown

In our Retrobituaries series, we highlight interesting people who are no longer with us. Today let's explore the life of Theodore Maiman, who died at 79 in 2007.

Learn Klingon in 6 Steps

Arika Okrent

So you think you have the fortitude to learn Klingon? Let's find out.

Why Do Black Shirts Get Hot in the Sun?

Matt Soniak

No doubt most of us have heard that black and other dark objects are more absorbant and white and light objects are more reflective, but let’s start out by clarifying just what’s being absorbed and re

Morning Cup of Links: Merida Will Stay the Same

Miss Cellania

5 Crazy Examples of Fear in Advertising

Therese Oneill

It’s our duty to tell you about these five things you might not have known were out to ruin your life.