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The Missing Links: Super Creepy Ventriloquist Dummies

Colin Patrick

Honest Abe On the Big Screen The trailer for Steven Spielberg’s new film Lincoln is out and it looks great.

Here's Your Jetpack

Chris Higgins

Jetpacks have long been a staple of American futurism: we believe that soon, just down the line a bit, we'll be able to strap on a jet-powered backpack and fly to work.

Brain Game: Math Square #138

Here's this season's final Monday Math Square challenge at the mentalfloss.com Brain Game.

Morning Cup of Links: Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Miss Cellania

Happy Rosh Hashanah! Let's have some music for the holiday. * With a new Godzilla film on the way, it's time to look back at The Five Worst Godzilla Movies Of All Time.

The 10 Most Engaging Brands on Twitter (and the Completely Self-Serving Reason We Brought It Up)

Jason English

Our Twitter feed was named one of BuzzFeed's 90 Best Twitter Accounts of 2011, and we were #1 on Mashable's list of 25 Twitter Accounts That Will Make You Smarter.

World War I Centennial: Montenegro Pledges War

Erik Sass

Installment #36: In 1912, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and Greece conspired to attack the Ottoman Empire and divide its European territories; the Balkan League, as their loose alliance was known, came

Weekend Links: Early Movie Concept Art

Allison Keene

When I first saw this photo of blemished inverted solar beauty, I thought "well that's cool ::shrug::" … then I clicked the picture to, as Phil Plait always says, "embiggen" a

The Time Douglas Adams Met Jim Henson

Chris Higgins

"Kermit and Dr.

Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing mentalfloss.com all week, here's what you

9 Tips for Planning a William Taft Birthday Bash

Julia Davis

Looking for a way to liven up your Saturday night?

13 Disturbing Works of Art by Female Artists

M Asher Cantrell

After we posted 13 Disturbing Pieces of Art from History, several readers pointed out that none of the works were created by female artists.

Symphony of Science Tackles Climate Change

Chris Higgins

In the latest Symphony of Science video, John Boswell grabs the third rail of science topics: climate change. The video features Bill Nye, Isaac Asimov, David Attenborough, and Richard Alley.

15 More Kickstarter Projects We Love

Andréa Fernandes

Last month, I gathered up 15 of the best flossy projects on Kickstarter--projects our readers would love, ones that were educational yet playful.

Weekend Links: An Amazingly Choreographed Ninja Fight

Allison Keene

From my friend Paul, a Korean drummer steals the show. Absolutely fantastic. This is a man who loves his job. How many of us get this happy about, well, anything? Joyous.

The Late Movies: Gangnam and Other Styles

Miss Cellania

Gangnam Style is the hit song by K-pop star PSY (Jae-Sang Park). The music is catchy, the dance is goofy, and the video is everywhere.