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Adams vs. Jefferson: The Birth of Negative Campaigning in the U.S.

the mag

Negative campaigning in the United States can be traced back to John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

The Life and Times of America's First Murderer

Matt Soniak

John Billington isn’t a household name today, but when Englishmen started settling in the New World, he became infamous as the colonies’ first convicted

Why Can You Taste Your Eye Drops?

Matt Soniak

A friend of mine recently got pinkeye. Whenever she put in her eye drops, she noticed a distinct and very unpleasant taste on the back of her tongue. What’s up with

The Non-Football Jobs of 12 Coaching Legends

Ethan Trex

Most coaches spend their entire lives coaching in some capacity, but a few of the all-time greats have gotten some interesting paychecks outside of football.

Weekend Links: Life in the Year 1555

Allison Keene

Even if you aren't familiar with ESPN pundit John Clayton, you will still appreciate the weird humor of this SportsCenter promo that features him.

Mars Curiosity Rover's Gears - Made in the USA

Chris Higgins

In this video, we learn about the Forest City Gear factory in Rockford, Illinois where all the gears and other moving parts for the Curiosity rover were made.

The Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing mentalfloss.com all week, here's what you

Let's Make Spin Art!

Chris Higgins

It's Saturday. It's summer.

Sleeping Beauty Syndrome: The Disorder Where You Sleep All Day

Dan Lewis

Dan Lewis runs the wildly popular daily newsletter Now I Know (“Learn Something New Every Day, By Email”). To subscribe to his daily email, click

Weekend Links: Samurai Dog Armor

Allison Keene

"Actually, Literally, What Your Crutch Word Says About You." My default is probably "but, anyway" which isn't listed, though of those in the list I'll have to go with &qu

How to Find Sunken Treasure

Erik Sass

Modern treasure hunting isn’t all maps and shovels—it takes science,

10 Mind-Boggling Psychiatric Treatments

the mag

by Dan Greenberg Nobody ever claimed a visit to the doctor was a pleasant way to pass the time.

The Late Movies: 1973

Miss Cellania

In September of 1973 I turned 15 years old. Now I have a daughter who is 15 and she watched the Video Music Awards with the excitement I might have had over a stadium concert back in the day.

Watch Full-Length Troma Films on YouTube

Jill Harness

If you're a big fan of Troma Films, then you'll be happy to hear that they're releasing 150 of their movies on YouTube for free.

The Missing Links: Only the Creepiest Dolls Ever

Colin Patrick

A Modern Day Moonlight Graham Remember the old guy in Field of Dreams that made it to the big leagues as a young man but never got an official at-bat?