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8 Italian Travel Tips for Visiting America

Therese Oneill

Morning Cup of Links: Ranking the Superman Movies

Miss Cellania

10 Plated Facts About Kentrosaurus

Mark Mancini

Perhaps the least-cuddly dinosaur of all time, Kentrosaurus boasted some horrific weaponry—and a rather perplexing sex life.

Adorable Hummingbirds Stab Each Other With Their Tiny Beaks

Matt Soniak

5 Questions: "Res"olutions

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Why We See Faces in the Clouds

the mag Caitlin Schneider

Death Grip: Geckos Don’t Have to Do Anything to Be Sticky

Matt Soniak

WWI Centennial: New Year in a World at War

Erik Sass

"When twelve o’clock struck there was only a little shudder among the crowd and a distant muffled cheer and then everyone seemed to melt away again, leaving me standing there with tears in my eye

Why Do We Make New Year's Resolutions?

Shanna Yehlen

Work Study: Emily Spivack, Artist

Jen Doll the mag

The Story Behind Times Square's New Year's Eve Celebration

Hannah Keyser

Get a Free Copy of mental_floss Magazine (It's a Good One!)

Jessanne Collins

Meet the Real James Bond

Matt Soniak

14 Fantastic New Beasts and Where We Found Them in 2014

Kate Horowitz