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Watch Babe Ruth Teach A Kid To Hit

Hannah Keyser

If you're a down-trodden sandy-haired boy in the 1930s looking to impress the bullies back at the orphanage, who better to give you some hitting pointers than the Babe?

The Parts of the U.S. Where Nobody Lives

Jason English

Today's map highlights the 47% of the country that remains unoccupied.

The Missing Links: What the Oculus Rift Can Change

Colin Patrick

New York in Hyperlapse

Chris Higgins

It's already summer in this video.

13 Awful Hockey Injuries

Erin McCarthy

As the Stanley Cup Playoffs get underway, here's a look back at the sport’s most brutal injuries—and how they made the game safer.

28 Birthday Traditions from Around the World

Jason English

In celebration of our YouTube channel's 1st birthday, John Green looks at some fascinating birthday traditions.

The Time Rutherford B. Hayes Saved Easter

the mag

The Hayes Administration had just one highlight: The time the president saved Easter.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

This week's most interesting comics include an Italian graphic novel about Kurt Cobain's childhood, a graphic novel by an architect and another by a neuroscientist.

10 Animals with Surprisingly Smart Social Lives

They may not be able to type out pithy messages in 140 characters or less, and they’re definitely not networking online, but you’ll be surprised at exactly how social certain animals are.

Where is Old Zealand?

Nick Greene

5 Questions: Constellations

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Watch Five Caterpillar Machines Play Jenga

Jason English

If you ever find yourself with a mountain of wood blocks and a couple excavators idling in the backyard, why not play a massive game of Jenga?

World War I Centennial: Russia Pursues Naval Treaty with Britain

Erik Sass

15 Ways to Cure Hiccups

Hannah Keyser

Most of these home remedies work by overwhelming the vagus nerve, which causes hiccups when it becomes irritated, with another sensation.

10 Words and Phrases You Won’t Believe Are 100 Years Old

Judith B Herman

They may be even older, but 1914 marks the earliest year OED lexicographers could document these words in print.