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Brain Game: The Wordiest Brain Game

Sandy Wood

15 Fun Facts About ‘True Lies’

Kate Erbland

Nowhere was Arnold ever as tough and funny as when James Cameron’s True Lies hit the big screen in the summer of 1994.

What Do Players Get for Making the All-Star Game?

Hannah Keyser

All-Stars on contending teams may have cause to try their hardest once they get to the Midsummer Classic, but what motivates them to get there? And I mean that in the most cynical sense.

101 Masterpieces: The Air Jordan III

the mag

How an architect revolutionized the basketball shoe.

10 Declassified CIA Cafeteria Complaints

Nick Greene

Shameful secrets from the clandestine agency's food court.

The August Issue is On Sale Now!

Jessanne Collins

How’s your summer going? Attempted any impossible feats yet? If not, perhaps the August issue of mental_floss magazine will inspire you to get out of the pool and do something incredible.

How to Capture Sunset Photos No One Else Has


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15 Things You May Not Have Known About 'Beerfest'

Sean Hutchinson

Here’s everything you need to know about the movie that taught us drinking beer isn’t just something you do with friends—it’s something you dominate.

10 Early Late Night TV Interviews You’d Never See Today

Adam D’Arpino

Late night hosts occasionally took on hard news and featured interviews with the serious intelligentsia of the day.

16 Fantastic Pixar Sand Sculptures

Jill Harness

For most of us, making sand castles while playing at the beach is pure fun. But for professional sand sculptors, building art from sand is real work.

The Missing Links: Behind the Scenes at 'Seinfeld'

Colin Patrick

When Johnny Cash Met Richard Nixon

Bill DeMain

Richard Nixon was hoping for a light-hearted, impromptu concert at the White House, but the Man in Black delivered a full-frontal musical attack on the president's policies.

11 of Abe Lincoln’s Favorite Stories

Mark Mancini

“That reminds me…” When Lincoln uttered those three simple words, you knew it was time to get comfy.

Holy Throwback! Photos From the Set of 'Batman'

Rebecca OConnell