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36 Unusual Units of Measurement

Jason English

You'll be measuring things by the Wheaton in a jiffy.

What is the Most Complex Chinese Character?

Arika Okrent

Chinese characters are made up of strokes.

The Origins of 9 Great British Insults

Chris Stokel-Walker

For as long as people have been speaking the English language, they’ve been deploying it to poke fun at one another.

The Late Movies: Muppet Babies Parodies

Erica Palan

World War I Centennial: Serbia and Greece Ally Against Bulgaria

Erik Sass

15 TV Plot Points That Angered Viewers

Bryan Dugan

Sometimes TV shows take their plotlines too far; sometimes, they don't go far enough. Either way, viewers typically aren't afraid to voice their frustrations.

T-Shirt Tuesday: Slow and Slinky

Erin McCarthy

What Two Dead Stars Reveal About Earth's Origins

The Week

A couple of white dwarfs + space garbage = possible planet formation

The Missing Links: Masterpiece Marketing

Colin Patrick

Finals Week in Graphs and Charts

Miss Cellania

15 Things You Might Not Know About Frank Sinatra

Jens T Carstensen

Ol’ Blue Eyes, The Voice, The Chairman of the Board: Whatever you want to call him, today marks the 15th anniversary of his passing.

11 Nerdy Recipes from Books, Movies and TV

Mark Mancini

In recent years, the internet has revealed that there's no shortage of talented nerds out there with a flair for the culinary arts.

That Time Some Mental Patients Beat Cambridge’s Chess Team

Matt Soniak

How Would Carnies Rig "Tubs of Fun"?

Matt Soniak

Stunning NASA Video and Photos of Huge X-Class Solar Flares

Erin McCarthy

On May 12 and 13, two huge, powerful solar flares burst from an intensely active spot on the sun—and they're the most powerful flares of 2013 so far.