Mary Shelley's Favorite Keepsake: Her Dead Husband's Heart

Stacy Conradt

The gruesome way the author of Frankenstein coped with her husband's death.

16 Delicious Facts About 'American Pie'

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The movie that changed everything for flute enthusiasts and Shermans everywhere.

Where Do Insects Poop?

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5 Secrets of a Tour de France Rider

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Upside-Down Mural Makes Sense When Reflected on the Water

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Sometimes the right perspective is all you need.

15-Year-Old Spots a Math Mistake in a Museum Exhibit

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A high school sophomore noticed an error in a math equation at Boston's Museum of Science.

An App Shows You Where to Find Women’s History

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“Women on the Map” pings you whenever you’re near a site significant to women’s history.

5 Questions: Pretzel Logic

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10 Things to Know When Sneaking into North Korea

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Study Shows that Wearing Heels Can Weaken Your Ankles

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Citibank is Creating Their Own Digital Currency

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If bitcoin is outside your comfort zone (or your bank account), there may soon be a new option available to you: Citibank recently announced plans to create its own digital currency.

This Guy Made a Wearable Batman Suit Out of Tree Bark

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Fight environmental crime in this cool suit.

Baby Mice Exposed to Cat Urine are Less Afraid of Cats

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New research found that if a baby mouse is exposed to cat urine, it won't run away from the scent when it's older.

Even Robots Struggle to Throw a Consistent Knuckleball

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In an effort to better understand the mechanics of what makes a knuckleball move, students at the University of Toronto built a machine that attempts to mimic R.A. Dickey.

Honey Bees Get STDs Too

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This is the first evidence of a sexually transmitted disease in a social insect.