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Charles Darwin, Glutton

Stacy Conradt

The Founder of Mother's Day Later Fought to Have It Abolished

Jonathan Mulinix

Anna Jarvis lost control of the holiday she helped create.

Pick the NBA Players Who Won at Least Two MVPs

Steph Curry just won his first MVP. Can you name everyone who won more than one?

Fun Facts About Ron Popeil, In 5 Easy Installments

Jennifer M Wood

Set it! Forget it! And say happy birthday to the godfather of infomercials.

People Use More Electricity If They Autopay Their Bills

Shaunacy Ferro

16 Bizarro Ads From 'Scientific American,' December 1881

Chris Higgins

Cure asthma, deafness, and bronchitis! And grow hair anywhere with Dyke's Beard Elixir! Ripped from the pages of a 19th-century marvel.

See Sketches From the Golden Age of the Auto Industry

Caitlin Schneider

Morning Cup of Links: Solar-Powered Cats

Miss Cellania

Good News, Gamers: Tetris May Be Making You Smarter

Ali Parr

Meet the Real Rosie the Riveter

Caitlin Schneider

It took Geraldine Hoff Doyle four decades to realize she was the inspiration for the iconic poster.

20 Wacky Ads from 'Boys' Life' Magazine, May 1915

Chris Higgins

'Boys' Life' has always had fishy ads in the back—even 100 years ago. Earn money growing mushrooms and pigeons; win a free pony; get an unsinkable canoe... It's all here!

12 Fabulously Festive Kentucky Derby Hats

Jennifer M Wood

The Kentucky Derby is as much of a headwear fashion show as it is a sporting event.

Morning Cup of Links: FCC to Regulate Net Neutrality

Miss Cellania

24 Important Scientific Discoveries That Happened by Accident

Alvin Ward

Derek Muller of Veritasium discusses some happy accidents that changed the way we live.

The 10 Swingingest 'Austin Powers' Slang Terms

Angela Tung