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The Missing Links: Awfully Odd Anti-Drug PSAs

Colin Patrick

Fatal Attraction: 7 Terrifying Beauty Practices from History

Therese Oneill

Here are seven primitive beauty practices that are almost as scary as modern ones.

100 History-Making Cameras on One Poster

Kaitlyn Boettcher

To celebrate photography or, more accurately, the devices that make it possible, Pop Chart Lab has designed a stunning new poster that tracks the history of the camera from 1888 to today.

"Jane Fonda's Workout" Turns 31

Chris Higgins

6 Twisted Kids' Trading Card Sets

Danny Gallagher

Just about every recent generation had some kind of trading card set in their youth that ate up their allowances and turned ordinary pieces of glossy card stock into sought-after collectibles.

11 Super-Sweet Extreme Dessert Combos

Miss Cellania

7 Words Brought to You by British Colonialism

Chris Stokel-Walker

Words we use every day in modern English owe their inclusion in dictionaries to a British army officer picking up a few slang words from the cotton traders in Bangalore, street food vendors in the Car

How Did Caesarean Sections Get Their Name?

Matt Soniak

Reader Alistair wrote in wondering about the supposed origins of C-Sections: “Was Julius Caesar really born this way and is it the origin of the medical procedure?”

Morning Cup of Links: The Best Jobs of 2013

Miss Cellania

The Late Movies: "Georgia on My Mind"

Chris Higgins

5 Surprising Uses for Stilts

Joy Lanzendorfer

Most people think of stilts as something for circuses and kiddie parties, but they’ve been used in a number of strange ways since ancient times.

The Missing Links: An Amazing Lightshow Video Game

Colin Patrick

The 10 Most Often Butchered Song Lyrics

Jennifer M Wood

Elton loves Tony, Sting broke his nose, and other lies music taught us.

How Playing Tetris Could Help Fix A Lazy Eye

The Week

One in 50 children are born with a condition called amblyopia, in which the vision in one eye fails to develop properly, resulting in what's commonly called a lazy eye.

7 Ways We Could Tell That AP Tweet was a Fake

Arika Okrent

On Tuesday the twitter feed of the Associated Press was hacked, and a fake tweet about President Obama being injured in an explosion at the White House was sent out.