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A Brief History of Animals Beating Up Drones

Andrew LaSane

It seems our friends in the animal kingdom have declared war.

Bill Nye Film is the Highest-Funded Documentary Ever On Kickstarter

Hannah Keyser

Wouldn't you love to watch a documentary about Bill Nye The Science Guy? Of course you would. And so would at least 16,374 other people (and counting).

American Houses Have Gotten Really Big

Shaunacy Ferro

Residential floor space in the U.S. is 10 times larger than it was in 1891.

Researchers Can Identify Individual Tigers by Their Roars

Shaunacy Ferro

Acoustic tracking could help conservationists monitor tigers without having to see them.

Video: How a Skyscraper Stays Upright During a Typhoon

Shaunacy Ferro

In the building’s core, a mass damper swings to counteract the forces of the wind.

13 Stunning Images from the Perseid Meteor Shower

Michele Debczak

We've rounded up the best photos from last night's stellar spectacle.

The Largest Companies by Market Cap in Each State

Alvin Ward

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The Early Jobs of 9 World Leaders

Beth Anne Macaluso

Heads of state: They really are just like us.

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The Missing Links: J. Edgar Hoover's FBI File on George Carlin

Colin Patrick

The Black Patrolmen of 1940s Memphis

Jake Rossen

Nine officers got a badge, but it didn't mean they had any authority.

Lucasfilm Wants to Awaken Your Inner ‘Star Wars’ Artist

Jennifer M Wood

In a gallery not so far, far away...

10 Amazing Abandoned Airports and Airbases

Bess Lovejoy

These commercial airports and military airbases lie abandoned, their once state-of-the-art equipment now rusting into ruins fit for cows, car races, and intrepid Instagrammers.

Watch as Ocean Trash is Turned Into Art

Hannah Keyser

Life at sea is a lonely—but surprisingly inventive—place.

Pixar Trivia of Escalating Difficulty

How many can you answer correctly without missing?