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4 Hopeful Approaches to the Future of Alzheimer's Treatment

Jordan Rosenfeld

Recent research on Alzheimer's disease is yielding new potential earlier detection methods—and one possible treatment.

20 Strange Things Found Lurking in the Sewer

Rebecca OConnell

5 Questions: Elephant Parts

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Voters Like Candidates With Lower Voices, Scientists Find

Shaunacy Ferro

The difference isn't just about a candidate's gender, either.

15 Things You Should Know About Caravaggio's 'The Calling of St. Matthew'

Kristy Puchko

WWI Centennial: A Sinister Influence

Erik Sass

National Lighthouse Museum in Staten Island Opens After 14-Year Delay

Caitlin Schneider

Fourteen years after it was set to open, the National Lighthouse Museum is finally the beacon it was always meant to be.

The Tallest Building Never Built

Michele Debczak

Sometimes it's possible to dream too big.

Free Up Space and Hang Your Beer From the Top of the Fridge

Rebecca OConnell

BottleLoft uses magnets to elevate bottles and get them out of the way.

A Bench That Grows From the Ceiling

Shaunacy Ferro

It's like a forest inside the house.

How Tickle Me Elmo Saved 'Sesame Street'

Margaret Hoffman

In 1995, 'Sesame Street' needed a miracle to survive—or a fuzzy, giggly red monster.

8 Foodie Destinations Where If You Eat It All, It's Free

Alvin Ward

If you have a hearty appetite for adventure and an even heartier appetite for food, hit the road and lock horns with these eating challenges.

A Musical Composition Based on the Vibrations of Stars

Shaunacy Ferro

The piece by Turkish astronomer Burak Ulas is based on the pulsations from a star called Y Cam A.

Extreme Ironing Pushes the Limits of Domestic Life

Michele Debczak

You'll never look at chores the same way again.

World War II’s Doomed 'Project Pigeon'

Michele Debczak

The American military had a short-lived plan to turn pigeons into kamikaze pilots.