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15 Common Expressions Younger Generations Won't Understand

Arika Okrent

Here are 15 etymologies to answer the questions of future English speakers. Because the future is already here.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

12 Photos of 20th Century Lunch Time

Sonia Weiser

Your Phone Could Soon Tell You When It's Time to Change Your Baby's Diaper

Hannah Keyser

15 Huge Facts About 'Big'

Roger Cormier

It wasn't all fun and giant pianos behind the scenes of this age-changing classic.

Find the Matching Elements and State Abbreviations

Take the quiz.

How 'Small Wonder' Programmed Itself Into a Hit

Jake Rossen

Vicki the Robot turns 30.

The Time Florida Accidentally Honored James Earl Ray—Instead of Jones—on MLK Day

Stacy Conradt

What should have been a lovely tribute ended up being a horrific homage.

14 Things You Might Not Know About 'Nineteen Eighty-Four'

Michael Arbeiter

Even if you’ve already read about Winston Smith’s struggle against Big Brother, there are a few facts, stories, and theories about the novel that are worth a closer look.

Where Did the Paperweight Come From?

Sonia Weiser

This Alarm Clock Wakes You Up With Scent of Your Choice

Hannah Keyser

Here's how to make your mornings stink a little less.

What 1950s Czechs Thought Our Kitchens Would Look Like

Jake Rossen

We should be using punch card-powered mixing bowls by now.

China Introduces ATMs With Face Recognition

Rebecca OConnell

Now your face can be your password.

Pop Chart Lab's Latest Features A Mouthwatering Array of Sandwiches

Hannah Keyser

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