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George Takei Reviews 20 Totally Random Products on Amazon

Hannah Keyser

Somehow, one of Mental Floss' favorite Star Trek alums-turned-internet-sensations, George Takei, finds time to write Amazon reviews for products you never knew existed.

The Missing Links: Deadly Children's Toys

Colin Patrick

A 1639 Map Shows California as an Island

Erin McCarthy

In the early days of mapmaking, plotting out the world was no easy task.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

This week's new comics include John Romita, Jr. on Superman, Robert Kirkman's new comic and Cartoon Network has a Crisis.

Why Do Koalas Hug Trees?

Jessica Hullinger

Just as we humans cling to our air conditioners and plunge our heads into the freezer in the summer months, koalas have found a source of relief from stifling temperatures.

Brain Game: Turn It Over

Sandy Wood

Morning Cup of Links: Cell Phones in the Classroom

Miss Cellania

5 Fun Facts About Health, Toilets, Muppets, and Presidents

Chris Higgins

The "Disgrace of Gijón": The Most Controversial Match In World Cup History

Nick Greene

It's the reason all final group games are played simultaneously.


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Morning Cup of Links: Tim Burton's Batman is 25

Miss Cellania

WWI Centennial: The Archduke’s Final Days

Erik Sass

In his final days, Archduke Franz Ferdinand expressed forebodings about his journey to Bosnia to observe the empire’s annual military maneuvers.

12 Memorable Biting Incidents in Sports History

Bud Shaw

In the pantheon of all-time sporting biters, Luis Suarez may be the king. Here are 12 other examples to chew on.

Beautiful Minimalist City Drop-Cuts From Pop Chart Lab

Hannah Keyser

Amazon's Most Expensive Things

Colin Patrick