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The Missing Links: "Let Her Go"

Colin Patrick

8 Novelists Who Were Featured on International Banknotes

Rudie Obias

While American currency features former U.S. Presidents, Founding Fathers, and iconic landmarks, many other countries put famous writers, poets, artists, and novelists on their banknotes.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

This week's comics include the much anticipated comic unveiling the new female Thor

Secrets of the U.S. Puzzle Championship

Matt Matros

Behold, the Seemingly Immortal Hydra

Chris Higgins

Is There Such a Thing as Not Having an Accent?

Arika Okrent the mag

14 Money Saving Life Hacks

In this week's episode, John Green tests out some life hacks designed to save you money.

15 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in October

Hannah Keyser

11 Techniques for Capturing Great Nature Photos in a City

Cities may not seem like the ideal place to go to photograph nature, but you can find a surprising amount of flora, fauna, and incredible views in any urban landscape.

5 Questions: The Moor of Venice

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The 2014 Platypus Awards

the mag

The Platties honor ideas that are interdisciplinary: a bit duck, a bit beaver, a bit otter. These are the new ideas and innovations that made us do a double take.

16 of Truman Capote's Fiercest Insults

Stacy Conradt

Besides being a wonderful writer, Truman Capote was also a master of the take-down.

The Pixar Theory, Illustrated

Chris Higgins

The Missing Links: The Scientifically Best Way to Kiss

Colin Patrick

French Fries Around the World

Miss Cellania