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100-Year-Old Hairstyle Trends for Hairstyle Appreciation Day

Jennifer M Wood

Paying tribute to century-old hairdos (and don’ts).

Britain’s “Big Cat” Conundrum

Roma Panganiban

Thinking of the wild English countryside might conjure up images of manor houses, green fields, and secret gardens, Lions, tigers, and bears are from a different kind of story—but that's not actu

8 Tattoos of M.C. Escher Art

Miss Cellania

T-Shirt Tuesday: May the Mass x Acceleration Be With You

Erin McCarthy

11 Spam Comments That Look Like Drunk Thesauruses (And Why)

Arika Okrent

Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and spam comments on your blog.

Brain Game: All Together Now

Sandy Wood

Why Did Egyptian Pharaohs Wear False Beards?

Mark Mancini

Pharaohs were normally meticulous shavers, according to most archaeologists and historians. So why did they wear false beards while eliminating real ones?

The Late Movies: Supercut Central

Kaitlyn Boettcher

World War I Centennial: Germany Promises to Respect Belgian Neutrality, Austria-Hungary Mobilizes Against Montenegro

Erik Sass

6 Surprising Examples of Human Vestigiality

Kevin Kampwirth

People have speculated over the nature of seemingly useless physical characteristics in living things for thousands of years.

This is Where Tar Comes From

Will McGough

Pitch Lake is located on the southwest side of Trinidad, but a visitor will probably feel like they’re on the moon at times.

11 People Who Bring the Muppets to Life

Stacy Conradt

The Muppets have experienced a changing of the guard over the years.

The Missing Links: The Psychology of Scams

Colin Patrick

4 More Terrible People and How They Were Captured

David W Brown

Last week, we looked at a few very terrible people, and how law enforcement officials identified them and hunted them down. Here are a few more infamous killers, and how they were captured.

Short-Term Hearing Loss Actually Protects Ears

Meghan Holohan

For a few hours after particularly loud concert, the ringing in your ears makes it tough to hear.