The Cop Who Gave Ulysses S. Grant a Speeding Ticket

Mark Mancini

If President Grant were alive today, he'd have quite a few points on his license by now.

NASA Invites You to Witness Rocket Test in Person

Rebecca OConnell

NASA is looking for a few good social media stars to attend a test of their newest, most powerful engine.

Music Developed to Bring Us Together, Says New Study

Jessica Hullinger

Throughout the world, music is almost always a group event that bonds people.

Geography Bunker! Answer These 15 Questions

How many can you answer without getting one wrong?

There's a Tell-Tale Sign Women Are Ovulating, But You Can't See It

Shaunacy Ferro

Women get ever-so-slightly redder in the face at their most fertile stage of the month.

What Common Food Additives Look Like

Shaunacy Ferro

What the heck is Red 40, anyway?

11 Numbers That Explain the U.S. Women's World Cup Win

Nick Greene

How special was this feat? Let's crunch some numbers to find out.

Where Does the Soccer Term "Hat-Trick" Come From?

Nick Greene

It only took Carli Lloyd 13 minutes to score three goals, but the phrase "hat-trick" took a lot longer to enter our lexicon.

Cassie Chadwick, Andrew Carnegie's Fake Illegitimate Daughter

Stacy Conradt

How one conwoman made millions pretending to be related to the steel magnate.

13 Things You Might Not Know About 'Apollo 13'

Jake Rossen

Bill Paxton got puked on.

Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch So Much?

Kate Erbland

13 Colorful Facts About Crayola

Jake Rossen

The crayons debuted in 1903. Tiny nostrils were never the same again.

Pick the Last Word to These Famous Quotes

There's a Long Wait to Check Out the 'Most Exclusive Website'

Hannah Keyser

Usually the Internet involves instant access to information. But you could wait up to six hours for the Most Exclusive Website.

5 Questions: Telling "Tails"

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